Bainbridge community follows football team to state playoffs

By: Noelani Mathews | WCTV Eyewitness News
November 30 ,2018

DECATUR CO., Ga. (WCTV) -- Friday, Decatur County Schools cancelled all classes for their high school football team playing in the state semifinals.

That morning, the cranking of school buses and the sound of laughter surrounded the empty high school campus.

More than 300 excited students with the Bearcats band, color guard and cheer team boarded buses and left for the game at noon.

"It's a small town and we love football here, so we're all really excited that we're making it to the final four for the fourth time ever in school history," said Austin Audridge with the BHS band.

"Our community is all coming together to help support our team and that is something special," said Morgan McCullough with the BHS color guard.

"Especially since our community was hit with hurricane michael. Everyone is still recovering so I think it's just really awesome that the community comes together," said Gracie Suratt with the BHS band.

They say the lingering storm damage and debris is not enough to keep Bainbridge from supporting their favorite team.

"Everybody has really pulled together, even in all the adversity we've had. As my bracelet says, we're unbroken," said Turner.

To prove it, loyal fans, like Turner, are making the trip North to cheer on their Bearcats in hopes of victory.

"I have to look at my bracelet every day as I drive up to my house with a hole in the roof and lots of damage, but we are unbroken and that's the way these kids have played," said Turner.

Despite the win or loss in state playoffs, the community says they're thankful for Bearcats' football.

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