Blountstown teacher accused of 'sexting' student

By: Lanetra Bennett | WCTV Eyewitness News
September 20, 2017

Courtesy: WJHG

BLOUNTSTOWN, Fla. (WCTV) -- A high school teacher is charged with 'sexting' a student.

Authorities identify the teacher as Marquita Danielle Nichole Calhoun, a science teacher at Blountstown High School.

The allegations surround text messages. The arrest report states Calhoun said text messages between her and the student spiraled out of control.

Calhoun County resident Ruby Gilley is shocked, but glad Calhoun is charged for sexting with a 16-year-old student.

Gilley said, "As far as this mother and grandmother is concerned, that's where you need to be, in jail with the key thrown away, where you don't ever get out again to mess with another child."

The arrest report says the teen felt Calhoun was his girlfriend in a secret kind of way.

Calhoun just started teaching at Blountstown High School this year. Previously, she was working at Altha Public School, where the student currently attends.

The arrest report says Calhoun and the boy started texting each other in 2015, when he was in eighth grade.

Local resident Lilly Millybrook says it's hard to believe Calhoun did something inappropriate. She said, "If indeed it was text messages, it was about what she was teaching the victim. It had nothing to do with sexual relations."

That may have been the case until a few months ago, according to Calhoun in the arrest report. The documents say it was a mentor-student relationship before turning sexual.

The report also says the two started texting, "I love you" in February.

"There's too much out there on the street for you to mess with. Let those children alone," Gilley said.

The school superintendent, Ralph Yoder, says other students reported the relationship to teachers. He says he's proud of the students, as well as how school administrators and law enforcement handled the situation.

Currently, the district does not have a policy prohibiting staff and students from communicating through texts or social media.

"This is something that I'm sure we will work with our school board, as well as our school board attorney, as well as other school boards across the state to find out how they handle things such as this nature. This is a learning process for us," Superintendent Yoder says.

Calhoun is on paid administrative leave.

Superintendent Yoder says he will wait until the end of the investigation before making any further decisions.

The investigation ongoing.

By: WJHG | WCTV Eyewitness News
September 20, 2017

BLOUNTSTOWN, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) -- A Blountstown High School teacher has been arrested for allegedly exchanging inappropriate text messages with a student from a different high school.

According to Calhoun County Lieutenant McCroan, he confronted the 16-year-old student with information regarding allegations of inappropriate pictures sent between the student and a teacher, Marquita Calhoun.

Lt. McCroan was instructed to seize the student's phone as potential evidence.

A Calhoun County Sheriff's investigator met with Calhoun in reference to the investigation.

According to CCSO, Calhoun said the text messages with the student were purely mentor-student until a few months ago.

Calhoun told deputies the student initiated inappropriate sexual text messages and she said that she did engage in inappropriate conversation.

According to CCSO, Calhoun said she and the student never actually met to carry out what was discussed.

Officials said Calhoun claimed that the texting was something that spiraled out of control and was not based in reality.

CCSO said the student and teacher began exchanging text messages in 2015, when the student was in 8th grade.

Marquita Calhoun is charged with transmission of material to a minor by electronic device.

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