Boil water advisory issued for residents near Withlacoochee River

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By: WCTV Eyewitness News; DOH
January 27, 2017

MADISON, Fla. (WCTV) -- The Florida Department of Health in Madison County is advising residents with homes near or along the Withlacoochee River of confirmed private well water contamination in the area.

The Department of Health is recommending residents and homeowners who notice any change in color of their well water to have it tested by Flowers Chemical Laboratories or by the county health department for enteric bacteria.

In an abundance of caution, health officials are advising residents to boil all water used for drinking, cooking, making ice, brushing teeth, or washing dishes. Officials say a rolling boil of one minute is considered sufficient. As an alternative, bottled water may be used.

Officials add that tap water can also be disinfected by adding 8 drops of unscented household bleach to each gallon of water, mixing the water and allowing it to stand for at least 30 minutes.

Residents with questions should contact the Department of Health in Madison County.

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