Brighter changes coming to Allison Family Christmas Spectacular

Published: Jul. 25, 2019 at 12:05 AM EDT
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By: Katie Kaplan | WCTV Eyewitness News

July 24, 2019

HAVANA, Fla. (WCTV) -- In just two weeks, one Havana family will begin the transformation of their home into the well-known 'Allison Family Christmas Spectacular.’ The family said they have major changes in store for 2019. More than 200,000 LED lights are on their way.

"I guess right now we're in full planning mode," Daniel Allison told WCTV report Katie Kaplan. "We are doing a huge overhaul. We are getting 100% LED lights this year."

Twelve years ago Daniel created the light show, which now draws bumper-to-bumper traffic every Christmas Season. He and his father, Kevin Allison, said they spend the better part of the calendar year and "countless hours" carefully planning, building and storing their displays, but come this November, things will look a bit different.

"After all these years of using the small mini-lights, it's going to be a huge change," Kevin said.

The new lights will not only save them an estimated 90-percent on their energy bill, but will make the synchronized show more vibrant.

"These faded, which is a pet-peeve of mine," said Daniel referring to the old lights. "The reds would turn pink and the greens would turn limeish-greenish. The blues would turn to white after one year."

The entire lot of roughly 220,000 custom-made lights cost nearly $30,000. Daniel said he saved up for years to make the purchase. They are expected to arrive in early August and the Allisons will then begin the pain-staking process of swapping the strands on all of their displays.

"Every single one," said Daniel. "I'm excited."

The show is expected to be ready just in time for opening night on Thanksgiving to spread Christmas cheer. It will run through New Year's Eve.

"It's what drives us. It's a ministry to the folks," said Kevin.

Last year, the Allisons hired a nightly deputy sheriff to keep an eye on traffic and safety. They also introduced a "donation" box so the public could help fund the officer. Daniel said this year the spectacular will also include two new songs for the 2019 season. He said he spends more than 20 hours choreographing the lighting to each one. You can check out a preview of their new songs on their