Capitol display features nearly 1,000 shoes from sexual assault survivors

By: Erika Fernandez
April 20, 2017

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- At the Capitol, there is now an emotional display of nearly one-thousand shoes worn by sexual assault survivors of all ages. The project is to honor National Sexual Assault Awareness month and National Child Abuse Prevention month.

This display is asking others to walk in the shoes of the survivors. It's intended to raise awareness and shatter stigmas surrounding sexual violence. It's also to give victims, survivors, and those affected a voice.

Those shoes from victims of all ages and genders are illustrating that sexual violence effects all Floridians, and encourages everyone to not be afraid to speak out.

"As a survivor, you feel invisible, you feel like you don’t matter, because that’s what your perpetrator tells you. And when you stand up, and they hear you, and see you and they validate what’s going on, it’s an incredible, empowering thing to be able to share your truth," said Sen. Lauren Book.

Written on every shoe is a story from a victim of sexual violence. You can see the display at the Capitol until Friday, April 21.

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