Christmas Connection now open for 2018 season

By: Julie Montanaro | WCTV Eyewitness News
November 30, 2018

TALLAHASSEE (WCTV) -- The Christmas Connection, which collects gifts and necessities for hundreds of struggling families, is now open.

Volunteers were busy Monday setting up shelves and hanging a banner outside the donation center on the edge of TCC's campus. The Christmas Connection opened its doors Tuesday.

The holiday donation drive aims to help 450 families, including dozens of families impacted by Hurricane Michael, with gifts for their children and necessities for their home.

"It's a way of making a small contribution to people who otherwise would not have a Christmas during this important season of the year," volunteer and board member Jerome Todd said.

"We're hoping to give those families a stress free day where they don't have to worry where their next meal may be coming from or where they get their toys for their children," said Eva Wise with Catholic Charities.

The Christmas Connection is hoping more than half of its 450 families will be adopted. The other families' wish lists will be filled with gifts, clothing and food from its donation center.

People can donate items, adopt families or volunteer to help at the donation center, which is near TCC's softball field:

Christmas Connection Donation Center
3969 W. Century Park Circle
Monday - Saturday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Sunday 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Throughout the week, WCTV will be sharing the needs of five families counting on the Christmas Connection for a brighter holiday.

Monday: Case 78 Tallahassee

A Tallahassee family is struggling to find a place to live after their apartment burned down in the wake of Hurricane Michael. Their apartment was gutted by fire when the power was restored, igniting food left on the stove when the power went out.

They lost everything, and have already depleted their savings. The family needs help furnishing their new home and buying Christmas gifts for their four-year-old daughter.

They would like grocery and gas gifts cards, as well as a new computer so the mom can continue her schooling.

Wish List
Gas cards
Grocery cards
Comforter (queen size)
Pots and pans
Jackets (sizes below)
Robe/house shoes (sizes below)
Children’s learning toys
Leap Frog learning i-pad
Trolls doll


Father- 36 years old
Pants 36x34 men’s
Shirts XL men’s
Sweater XL men’s
Shoes (dress) 13 men’s
Shoes (tennis shoes) 12 sneakers
Jacket XL men’s

Mother- 29 years old
Pants small/medium women’s
Shirts small/medium women’s
Sweater small/medium women’s
Shoes 6 ½ womens
Jacket medium women’s
Robe/house shoes medium women’s/ 6 1/2 women’s

Daughter- 4 years old
Pants 5T
Shirts 5T
Sweater 5T
Dress 5T
Underwear 4T
Shoes 11-12 children’s
Jacket 5T

Tuesday: Case 364 Crawfordville

A Crawfordville family is coping with a leaky roof and no heat in the wake of Hurricane Michael. The single mom is saving money for repairs, and cannot provide Christmas gifts for her two children. The storm made an already stressful situation worse, as the mother was recently diagnosed with a disabling condition, but she continues to work part time and go to school to earn her college degree. The teenage son is a honor student and is doing yard work and odd jobs to try to make money to help his mother and younger sister.

The mother is asking for a portable space heater, food and pots and pans. Her 12-year-old son would like art and drawing supplies as well as a baseball. The 7-year-old girl would like a baby doll and a Trolls comforter for her bed.

Wish List
Portable room heater
Pots and pans
Art/drawing supplies
Art kits
Baby doll
Trolls comforter (twin size)


Mother- 44 years old
Pants 13/14 women’s
Shirts Large women’s
Sweaters/jacket Large women’s
Underwear Medium women’s
Bras 39 DD
Shoes 7 ½ women’s

Son- 12 years old
Pants 44 men’s
Shirts 2XL
Sweaters/jacket 2XL
Underwear 2XL
Shoes 11 men’s

Daughter- 7 years old
Pants 7 girls
Shirts 7 girls
Dress 7 girls
Sweaters/jacket 7 girls
Underwear 7 girls
Shoes 1 girls

Wednesday: Case 445 Tallahassee

A Tallahassee woman is working full time, but struggling to provide for her two young children and care for her disabled brother. The woman was bit by a spider in September and missed several weeks of work and the wages that come with it.

She is back at work now, but has no money for Christmas. She is hoping folks can help her surprise her children, ages two and four, with presents.

The mother is asking for dishes and pots and pans, as well as a comforter and linens for a queen size bed.

She'd like dinosaurs, nerf balls and learning toys for her four-year-old son and dolls, purses and hair bows for her two-year-old daughter. She'd also like to give the kids a tricycle for Christmas.

Her brother needs a winter coat, and is asking for some puzzles and a small tool set.

Wish List
Comforter (queen size)
Sheets (queen size)
Tool set
Children’s learning toys
Nerf ball
Baby dolls (African American)
Hair bows

Mother- 49 years old
Pants 20 women's
Shirts 3X
Dresses 3X
Underwear 9-10 women's
Shoes 11 women's

Brother- 53 years old
Pants 40/36 men's
Shirts 3X men's
Underwear 40 men's
Shoes 13 men's
Coat 3X men's

Son- 4 years old
Pants 5T toddler boy's
Shirts 5T toddler boy's
Underwear pull ups size 5
Shoes 9 ½ children’s

Daughter- 2 years old
Pants 3T toddler girl's
Shirts 3T toddler girl's
Dresses 3T toddler girl's
Underwear 3T
Shoes 4 children's

Thursday: Case 66 Quincy

A family in Quincy is struggling to rebound from Hurricane Michael.

The family's roof was badly damaged in the storm and the father has struggled to find work, since the hurricane destroyed many of the plants at the nursery where he works.

The father and oldest son both work to support the family. The mother stays home to care for three other children with developmental delays.

The family needs food, clothing and some household basics. They're asking for pots and pans, dishes, glasses, towels and a few full size comforters.

The entire family needs clothes and jackets. That includes the parents and four sons ages 21, 19, 15 and 9.

The boys are asking for a soccer ball, a DVD player with some DVDs, Beyblades and action figures.

Wish List
Pots and pans
Comforters (full size)
DVD player
DVDs - Incredibles 2, Spiderman
Action figures
Beyblade - Maximum Garuda
Beyblade - KineticSatomb
Beyblade - Twin Noctemis
Beyblade - Legend Spryzen
Beyblade stadium
Indo Raptor from Jurassic Park


Father- 49 years old
Pants - (jeans) men's 34/30
Shirts - men's large
Jacket - men's large

Mother- 48 years old
shoes - (sandals) women's 7 1/2

Son- 21 years old
pants - men's 32/32
phirts - men's large
underwear - men's large
jacket - men's medium

Son- 19 years old
Pants - men's 36/32
Shirts - men's XL
Underwear - (boxer briefs) men's XL

Son- 15 years old
Pants - men's 28/30
Shirts - men's medium
Underwear - (boxers) men's small
Jacket - men's medium

Son- 9 years old
Pants - 16 boy's
Shirts - 14/16 boy's
Underwear - (boxers) boy's large
Jacket - 16 boy's/large

Friday: Case 254 Monticello

A young mother from Monticello, whose baby was born prematurely, is trying to get back on her feet. She just completed the medical assistant program and got a job at Tallahassee Memorial. She and her 7-month-old daughter live with her mother and siblings. They would all appreciate help providing some basics and gifts for Christmas.

The mother would like a queen size comforter set and some pots and pans. She’d love a riding toy for the baby and learning toys for all the kids. Her nine-year-old sister would like a bicycle, her six-year-old brother would like Paw Patrol toys and her four-year-old sister loves Peppa Pig.

Wish List
Pots and pans
Comforter set (king size)
Wagon or riding toy (for baby)
Bicycle (for 9-year-old girl)
Paw Patrol toys
Peppa Pig toys
Children’s learning toys

Daughter- 7 months old
Pants - 9 months
Shirts - 9 months
Dress - 9 months
Sweaters/jacket - 9 months
Diapers - size 3
Shoes - 1 infant

Sister- 9 years old
Pants - 14-16 girl's
Shirts - 14-16 girl's
Sweaters/jacket - 14-16 girl's
Underwear - 16 girl's
Shoes - 4 children’s

Brother- 6 years old
Pants - 8 boy's
Shirts - 8 boy's
Sweaters/jacket - 8 boy's
Underwear - 8 boy's
Shoes - 4 children’s

Sister- 4 years old
Pants - 6x girl's
Shirts - 6x girl's
Dress - 6x girl's
Sweaters/jacket - 6x girl's
Underwear - 6 girl's
Shoes - 11 children’s

For more information on helping these families or any others, contact the Christmas Connection at (850) 222-2180 or log on to its website.

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