City of Tallahassee promoting new downtown developments

By: Lanetra Bennett | WCTV Eyewitness News
June 13, 2018

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- On Tuesday, we told you about two downtown Tallahassee eateries that will close by the end of the week. But now, there's a push to promote several new restaurants coming to the area.

Several plans are in the works as the city actively encourages locals and visitors to dine downtown.

Some people used to call downtown a ghost town. But, things are changing and many are noticing. Many are excited about the progress and what's in store.

Downtown Tallahassee is a favorite area to grab lunch for Morgan Higman. When learning of the Fat Noodle's plans to close, she said, "That's so disappointing. Fat Noodle is so good. That's terrible."

The good news is, more dining options are on the way.

The Downtown Improvement Authority says incoming restaurants include an Italian steakhouse, Aura Restaurant and Bar and the Egg Cafe.

"The food truck thing is kind of an exciting addition also," Higman said. "So, hopefully we'll see more of that. Local restaurants are always great to have."

While the DIA has more in the works than just restaurants, city officials say developments, such as the Florida Power and Light building being built on the corner of Duval and Jefferson Streets, may include other businesses.

"It's nice to have somewhere with more options downtown, so that'll have something for work," said Robert Estridge, a Tallahassee resident. "I don't always have to bring food, I can come and hangout and spend my lunch hour downtown."

Lorie Domel is visiting from Houston and loves everything the area already has to offer.

"It's a beautiful city. We've gone to the State Capitol Complex and did the audio tour of the historic Capitol. It gives me a new appreciation for Florida," Domel said.

One thing residents say they'd like to see improved in downtown is parking; Higman says she'd like to see more density and more walkability. Estridge said the only request he has is a barbecue spot.

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