Coke Zero getting revamped as Coke Zero Sugar

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By: Associated Press
July 27, 2017

NEW YORK (AP) - Coke Zero is getting revamped as Coke Zero Sugar.

The new name is intended to make it more clear that the drink has no calories, and a new recipe is intended to make the drink taste more like regular Coke. Coca-Cola isn't specifying what it's changing, but says the drink will use the same artificial sweeteners.

The company says the new cans and bottles, which will incorporate more red like the regular Coke design, will start hitting shelves in August. The newer version of the drink has already been launched in several other countries.

The push behind the Coke Zero makeover comes as customers continue to move away from Diet Coke. Coca-Cola has blamed the decline on concerns over the aspartame used in the drink.

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