Commissioner Bill Proctor outlines expectations for new police chief

By: Lanetra Bennett I Eyewitness News
June 18, 2019

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- Tallahassee Police Chief Michael DeLeo is set to leave July 5th.

His resignation was announced last week.

Leon County Commissioner Bill Proctor has been highly critical of the outgoing chief.

During a press conference at the Leon County Courthouse Tuesday, he outlined his expectations for choosing a new leader.

Commissioner Proctor says a lot of things were handled poorly by Chief DeLeo.

Namely, his claims that Chief DeLeo interfered with investigations into employee complaints about racial unfairness.

"We can't just act like nothing didn't happen, like this doesn't exist." Proctor said.

Proctor is asking the City of Tallahassee to establish an independent citizens police review board.

"Because the City has done what they also do: slide the sheet of paper, do that right there, and they just do that right there. Before you know it, it ain't nothing. When they get through with it, they just chunk it up in the air, and it comes down like that. That is not fairness. That is not justice." Proctor demonstrated by tearing up pieces of paper.

Commissioner Proctor says the community should participate in all phases of the selection of the next police chief.

He says the next leadership team should be diverse and should make communication and community-based policy a priority.

Proctor says the City should do meticulous background checks on the final candidates for chief.

"That includes their social media postings, whether or not they got on black face in a yearbook, to make sure that the pasts of these candidates will not show bias, will not show prejudices." He said.

Tallahassee resident Timothy Jenkins says the new chief should be professional.

"We want one that would be fair to everyone, regardless to creed or color. We want someone that has a compassionate heart to understand that even though a bad situation may occur, that don't mean that person is automatically guilty." Said, Jenkins.

A spokesperson with the City of Tallahassee says the City declines commenting on Proctor's remarks.

Major Steve Outlaw will begin as interim chief starting July 6th.