Software company speaks out on school bus issues in Leon County

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By: WCTV Eyewitness News
August 13, 2019

LEON COUNTY, Fla. (WCTV) — The Chief Operating Officer of Edulog, the company Leon County Schools purchased software from in their school bus rerouting, says some student data was accidentally deleted causing delays in the roll out of new bus routes.

COO Sam Bull released a statement to WCTV, saying:

"Edulog is working hand-in-hand with Leon County Schools to work to fix the school start up issues that we saw on the first day of school. We have a manager on site at Leon and at least a dozen personnel working long hours behind the scenes. We have been in constant contact with Leon County Schools during the lead up to school start and are continuing to work very closely with them. Our goal is to have all bussing issues resolved as quickly as possible.

"In even the best years, the first week of school is the most difficult for school transportation departments as they deal with an influx of new students, students who have moved to new addresses, and students changing schools. This past year, Leon County Schools and Edulog have been working to increase safety and efficiency of school bussing in Leon County. As part of working toward this goal, bus routes were changed, stops were often consolidated or moved, and other changes were made to the pre-existing system. Included in these changes were non-mirrored runs in which a student may ride a different bus in the morning and the afternoon. This allows school districts to reduce transportation costs to allow funds to be used for other education costs.

"During the run up to school start, some student data was deleted on Edulog’s end. While Edulog had backup data with which to work, restoring the data to its pre-deletion state did lead to some delay in planning.

"In addition, collectively we should have done a better job of communicating with the community about the changes to the system that were being implemented. These changes have caused confusion for parents and students regarding the location of their stops and the specific buses on which students have been scheduled to ride.

"Edulog will continue to work closely with Leon County Schools to alleviate the current transportation issues and to help get Leon County’s students to school safely."

Bull says Edulog will have a senior manager at Tuesday night's school board meeting.

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