Cost per night: Hidden hotel fees can jack up prices

Published: Oct. 5, 2018 at 6:06 AM EDT
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By: Ivanhoe Newswire

October 5, 2018

ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) -- Resort fees, cleaning fees, taxes, recommended housekeeping tip. NYU research revealed hotel fees and surcharges rang in at 2.47 billion in 2015, compared to 1.6 billion just a decade ago.

But, what if we told you there are ways to cut down on these sometimes hidden hotel fees?

People of all ages and backgrounds love to travel, like avid traveler Hunter Ramo.

“I went to the Bahamas and I got to do some research out there, that was really cool. Then I went to Australia and went all along the coast from Sydney to the Great Barrier Reef,” said Ramo.

Unless you have friends around the world, you’re probably going to need a hotel.

Some hotels charge a daily fee just for having an in-room safe. If you don’t use this, ask for it to be removed before you check-in. if your pet is coming, try a pet-friendly travel site like BringFido to help you choose the best option.

If you’re going to take the resort shuttle to or from the airport, be sure to ask if it’s an added charge. Also, don’t be late checking in or out, you could get hit with a fee.

Some hotels may charge for WiFi by the day or even by the minute. So, research ahead if you can’t be without Netflix for a night. Parking in the hotel lot may also cost you per day.

Check multiple sources for price quotes, some sites will include these fees while others will not. Ask ahead of time if you’re unsure.

Know your rights. Federal law requires all hotel fees be clearly disclosed, so read the fine print for terms and conditions. If they weren’t disclosed to you in writing, point them out and ask for them to be removed.

Some hotels charge up to $25 to mail or receive packages. These fees may vary depending on the size or number of packages.

Hotels aren’t the only establishments with hidden fees. Airbnb also attaches costs including service fees, cleaning fees and a security deposit, just to name a few.