Couple who provided video of Tampa serial killer suspect want piece of reward

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By: Associated Press
December 19, 2017

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) -- The homeowners who provided police with surveillance video of the hooded man accused in a string of fatal shootings want a piece of the $110,000 reward.

Police in Tampa released video of the suspect, later identified as Howell Donaldson III, slowly walking down a Seminole Heights street just before a shooting on October 9 and then running in the opposite direction moments later.

The video was provided by Patrick and Kelly Holladay, who have security cameras attached to their bungalow.

The Holladays told the Tampa Bay Times it would have been nice to have shared in the reward. They say the video put them in danger and immensely helped police.

The reward money was given to a McDonald's manager who contacted police after Donaldson handed her a paper bag with a gun inside.

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