Crawfordville family reunited with cat missing for nearly a month

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By: Katie Kaplan | WCTV Eyewitness News
May 23, 2019

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) – A beloved cat went missing from its home in Crawfordville and was found nearly a month later in Tallahassee.

Six-year-old Zoe Blair was devastated when her cat, Meena, went missing in April.

"I started crying," she said. "She knows me better than other people."

Meena had been a gift from Santa for Christmas in 2017.

"She actually told me she didn't care if she got anything for her birthday or Christmas, she just wanted her kitty back," said her mother Belinda.

After the family searched for three and a half weeks, putting up signs in their neighborhood and posting photos in Facebook groups, they had settled on notion that the feline was probably gone for good.

"I had given up hope that Meena would come back," Belinda said.

But, the day after they visited a local shelter to get a new cat, Belinda got a phone call from the Tallahassee Animal Shelter.

"I really could not believe it," she said. "They said that a Tallahassee police officer had turned her in."

The shelter got the family's contact information by scanning Meena's microchip, a device about the size of a grain of rice that is painlessly injected into the animals skin.

"Had Meena not been chipped, we would have never found her," Belinda said.

No one will ever know what the cat's adventure was like. Meena returned underweight, but relatively unscathed.

"I'm not sure how she ended up there, but she was 20 miles from our house," she said. "She had been in a fight, you could tell. She was missing a patch of hair on her side and she had a puncture mark on her hip."

Despite her wounds, Meena was still up for a surprise reunion with her special human.

"We waited outside for her [Zoe], and when she got off the bus she came running," Belinda said.

"I started running off the bus because I saw her and my brother was in front of me so I was like," Zoe said, as she waved her hand in a motion meaning 'move out of the way.' "I was running as fast as I can off the bus."

The best friends were reunited at last. The family is now keeping a close eye on the curious cat

"Everyone is happy again," said Zoe.

A representative for the Tallahassee Animal Shelter said they host monthly low-cost clinics where pets can be microchipped for only $10. The next one is scheduled for Tuesday, June 4 at the Animal Service Center on Easterwood Drive.

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