"Day of Doing" as Gadsden County volunteers help residents cleanup

By: Sophia Hernandez | WCTV Eyewitness News
July 19, 2019

GADSDEN COUNTY, Fla. (WCTV) – Volunteers got up bright and early Friday morning to go door to door, helping to pick up debris. The logs and branches were left over from Hurricane Michael, but after the crews put in countless hours, the debris is no more and instead, clean spaces.

The clear front porch is all thanks to the 30 volunteers who were in Quincy and Chattahochee, mowing lawns and sawing logs.

Rosetta Martin, one of the residents assisted was shocked, "When I heard this noise I went out and said wow they are doing my yard, who are these people?"

Those people were individuals with the United Way and residents in the area, that decided to do their part in bettering their community.

Fredirgas McNealy who is the public works director with Gadsden County says that those involved were more than happy, "I talked to some of my guys and I asked them to come out and help and they know that our job is more than a paycheck."

What the volunteers consider their small gestures, are not seen as small to those like Martin. Martin had one large tree that fell onto her shed. Another volunteer had cut down the tree but had not removed it from her yard along with the other debris.

"I walked out on the porch and they said I knocked on your door but you didnt come to the door," Martin recounts, "so we just went on and got started, and I said well don't let me stop you!"

Martin says their work was much needed, as she cannot physically remove the logs. She shares as she overlooks her new front porch, "They moved the logs, and they sawed them again, and they moved them, and now my yard looks good."

Some residents like the McCarts spent about $4,000 in cleanup since Hurricane Michael. To have crews, let along volunteers, come up and help, was what Jack McCart calls a pleasant surprise.

"It may seem insignificant to some people but until you live in it, until you see someone that you don't know," Jack expresses, "they just boom came and did it, thanked us, we waved, everybody was happy, it was like a party out here. And poof everything was gone."

He along with other residents, called the volunteers good people with kind hearts. And the impact that they had on those like Louise McCart, she says is huge, "For them to do that I want to send them a thank you letter."

Martin shares that she has spent her whole like volunteering in the community, and she is pleased with what took place at her home, "That volunteer work is rewarding, and I was so glad I got some of that given back to me today."

Jack can barely put into words the pride and gratefulness he felt towards those who did so much, "Yea it was good, heartfelt. Good people."

The residents hope that others will be able to experience this type of help they received. Volunteers hope to make this a tradition, and bring another "Day of Doing" next year.