DeSantis Raising Money to Stop Impeachment of Trump

Governor Ron DeSantis said he loves his job as Governor. (MGN)

By: Jake Stofan | Capitol News Service
September 27, 2019

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (CNS) -- Governor Ron DeSantis is inserting himself in the scandal surrounding President Donald Trump by urging supporters to donate to a ‘Presidential Protection Fund’ to help put an end to Democrats’ impeachment efforts.

The creation of the fund was sent out in an e-mail, in which DeSantis described Democrats’ impeachment efforts as ‘a disgusting attempt to overturn a legitimate US election.'

“For Republicans, Trump is still hugely popular,” said Democratic Starategist Steve Schale.

Schale isn’t surprised by DeSantis’ move.

“You look at his own party, you see that the President has still got a 95 percent approval rating. They feel very comfortable being in that place,” said Schale.

DeSantis wasn’t shy about showing support for Trump during his campaign for Governor, releasing a commercial in which he teaches his children to build a wall and Trump’s ‘Make America great again’ slogan.

Since taking office though, the Governor has largely toned down his pro-Trump rhetoric, even telling us in an interview in June that he didn’t plan to spend much time campaigning for the President’s reelection.

“I should be focusing on my job as Governor of Florida more so than on politics and that's what I've tried to do. Doesn't mean I won't help him,” said DeSantis.

Schale suspects the Governor’s intentions might have less to do with helping the President and more to do with helping his own political aspirations.

“He potentially wants to run for President himself one day and so being seen as the guy defending Trump among the types of voters he'll need in 2024 is a pretty smart move on his part, at least for now,” said Schale.

According to the donation website, the funds given to the Presidential Protection Fund appear to go to the Florida GOP, but it’s not entirely clear how the funds will be spent.

We reached out to the Florida GOP Chairman and the Governor’s Office for comment on this story, but did not receive any response.

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