FAA: Farm equipment radio interference threatens air traffic

(Image Source: Pixabay / MGN)
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By: Associated Press
December 23, 2017

ATLANTA (AP) - Federal aviation authorities say a farm's massive metal crop-watering structure creates radio interference that's causing havoc for air traffic in the sky over Georgia.

They say in a lawsuit that the irrigation structure is on a south Georgia farm where the Federal Aviation Administration has a radio transmitter to relay signals to aircraft.

The federal lawsuit says interference caused by the 1,200-foot-long structure forced the FAA to shut down its transmitter in February, affecting operations of nine airports. The proximity of Robins Air Force Base makes the situation even more serious.

Authorities say in their complaint that flight safety has been compromised, and "the potential for catastrophic harm is great."
Three men identified by the FAA as land owners are listed as defendants. They couldn't immediately be reached Friday.

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