FAMU students celebrate graduation

By:Erin Lisch
April 28, 2017

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.- It's that time of year in Tallahassee, college graduation!

Thousands of students, heading into the next chapter of their lives.

Friday night FAMU seniors, walking across the stage and turning their tassels to the left.

Soon to be graduate Ezekiel Bello majored in biology and pre-med, standing out among the rest according to professors.

When it comes to hard work FAMU associate professor of Biology Richard Long said, "The strive to always make himself better."

During his undergrad Bello conducted research at FAMU, University of Pennsylvania and Stanford University, some say he went above and beyond the norm.

Professor Long said Bello is dedicated to his work, "Additional challenges, additional resources, opportunities he's already seeking those."

Bello one of few undergrads granted to do research at the National Institute of Health in Maryland this summer, he says this moment is for his parents who are immigrants from Nigeria.

FAMU graduate Ezekiel Bello said, "They've gone through a lot in this country, everything they do it for their children and I realize that. It drives my thinking sometimes, motivation and things like that."

His parents and professors ecstatic for this major accomplishment

"This is one of my prouder moments to see Ezekiel graduate and go beyond."

While at NIH Bello says he'll be working on fixing mutations that are responsible for chronic immune deficiencies.

"Just contribute to science as a whole and be able to maybe cure a disease," said Bello.

After years of hard work at FAMU, Bello's ready to take the next steps making his mark in the world of science.

There are three ceremonies this weekend, one Friday and two on Saturday.