FSU, FAMU students weigh in on campus safety

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By: Erika Fernandez
August 25, 2016

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- Heading to class isn't the only thing on student's minds as they move back to Tallahassee. Many are also thinking about safety after several crimes on or near the campuses of FSU and FAMU.

Just last week, three robberies were reported in the area. One took place near Florida State and the other two happened just days apart at the same location near FAMU’s campus. Then yesterday, another, incident happened in the middle of FAMU’s campus.

According to Florida State Police, the first 45 days of school often lead to an increase in crime around the area. That's why this time of the year, students will see officers out in full force.

"It’s a large campus, its open and there are a lot of people from different places so I just make sure that I don’t put myself in any dangerous situations,” says Kourtnea Williams, an FSU student.

FSU PD says another way students are keeping themselves safe. is by using the new Seminole Safe app. It alerts students of any emergency situations at or near the campus.

"I live in this town and I live in a neighborhood that’s relatively light as far as crime goes but I’m a cop and I’ve been here for 20 something years and I still do not go for a walk by myself at 2:30 in the morning," says James Russell of FSU Police Department.

Students from FAMU and FSU say they all feel pretty safe, but when it comes to lingering around the campus at night, they don’t leave their rooms alone.

"It’s just a lot of people around campus, it’s just not really safe at nighttime,” says Shannon Hawkins, a FAMU student.

"I make sure I go somewhere with a buddy. It’s a large campus so if I’m walking somewhere at night, I make sure to not walk far distances by myself," Williams says.

FSU PD says becoming a crime victim isn't really something most students think about. However, they urge students to take those same safety measures at home and use them while at school.

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