FSU community gathers to remember Parkland victims

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By: Alex Crescenti | WCTV EyeWitness News
February 15, 2018

TALLAHASSEE, Fla (WCTV) -- A safe haven for students turned upside down in an instant.

"It's an indescribable feeling to look at the face of girl who you've known for 15 years on the news as one of the first victims," said Sami Lev, a member of Sigma Delta Tau.

Many of the women in her organization are from Parkland and know students who were there. Many emotional waiting to hear if their loved ones were okay.

"My little brothers, they have a best friend that was hiding in a closet. She was thankfully not in the building that the shooter was in, but she was there for hours," said Nikki Marsch who attended Douglas for a year.

Chapter President Sophia Giannone says some members with siblings attending the school left to go home to be with their families. Saying the last 24 hours have been difficult.

"It's to know that you're not in this alone and there's a lot of people who have all been affected by this tragedy," said Giannone.

The vigil no just for those impacted, it also was a way for everyone to come together during a tough time.

"I think the most important thing during this time is for events like this to happen so the students can know that there's other people that have the same feelings as them," said Kyle Hill the student body President.

However those who are from this small community are still in a state of shock.

"I feel like it's all a dream and I'm going to wake up from it, but I wish that was the case," said Marsch.

According to FSU in 2017 they had more than 3,700 students from Broward County, 54 of them from Douglas High School.

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