FSU faculty member faces backlash after social media post

By: Mariel Carbone | WCTV Eyewitness News
October 20, 2017

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- A post on a social networking website by a Florida State University faculty member is causing waves on campus.

The post, attributed to Dr. David Glener, reads:

"Nurse practitioners are not, I repeat, not physicians. They lack the education, IQ, and clinical experience. There is no depth of understanding. They are useful but only as minions. Not politically correct, but true. Who would you want your family member seen by-- a nurse or a physician?"

Glener is a clerkship faculty member at FSU's Fort Pierce Campus. That post was made on Doximity, a social networking website for clinicians.

In a phone call, Glener told Eyewitness News that he was not responsible for the post and that his "account was hacked." Glener
said he has contacted Doximity and told them about the circumstances and to remove the post.

Students at Florida State's College of Nursing said the post was disappointing.

"I'm at a loss for words," said nursing student Rose Amato. "(I am becoming a nurse because) I just want to give back to my community. It's not about how smart I am."

"I take my education very seriously. And I'm sure my peers do too and it just feels like I'm going into a field where people don't respect me," said Elizabeth Oddo, a nursing student.

Others said it's causing tension within the medical field.

"It's disappointing. Everyone, we all have the same common goal to work together for the best health of a the patient," said nursing student MaKayla Mccombs.

College of Nursing Dean Judy McFetridge-Durdle emailed all nursing students saying, Florida State University is "immensely proud of our nursing students and alumni."

"The University's already been very clear that they don't agree with Dr. Glener's comments and that they stand by our nurse practitioners and our other nursing graduates and our 7,400 alumni," said McFetridge-Durdle.

She also said nurse practitioners see more than a billion patient visits a year, reduce ER visits and hospital stays and increase patient satisfaction.

"NP's, we're comfortable with the fact that they're here to stay," she said.

Students said the social media post is only fueling them more to succeed.

"I want to prove to people, help prove to people, that nurses have a very serious job. And we take it very seriously," said Oddo. "And we care for our patients just as much as a doctor does."

The Florida State College of Medicine has also said it does not stand by the post.

The college released this statement:

"The expressed views are not consistent with the collaborative approach to health care that we teach to our students – backed by a curriculum reinforcing the importance of teamwork in the clinical setting. The College of Medicine also promotes interdisciplinary learning opportunities bringing together students from medicine, nursing, social work and pharmacy."

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