FSU fans cheer on the Noles in the hunt for the ACC Championship Title

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By:Erin Lisch
March 9, 2017

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.- For Noles fans not able to make it toThe Big Apple, many flocking to local restaurants and bars in Tallahassee to cheer on the team.

FSU fans filling the Island Winghouse Company as Florida State takes on the Hokies Thursday night.

Loving Florida State basketball Ed Hachenberger said, "Having some wings and watching the game"

And he's not the only one!

Watching the game against Virginia Tech Nigel Blackburn said, "We're a pretty good team this year, we've got a lot of depth we can rotate in 12 players at any given time."

Following FSU basketball for the past 20 years Dexter Parker said, “They're really showing their true colors, they're really playing together."

"When they won all those games in a row against really class teams and they went undefeated at home. This is probably one of the best teams I remember in a while," said Hachenberger.

Going 18-0 at the tuck this season and now on the road, fans say their eyes are glued to the games.

"It's an exciting team it's an athletic team, everyone's playing well, it's a fun team to watch," said Blackburn.

"This year they've been really good, it's given us something really to cheer about this year," said Parker.

Many say when you play in the ACC, you're facing the best in the country.

"I think it's the toughest conference by far, a lot of competition at any given time any team can take out the top seed," said Blackburn

With one win down, 2 more to go, fans are hoping FSU can soon walk away ACC champions.