FSU fans disappointed in the Seminoles as they drop second game of season

By: Sophia Hernandez | WCTV Eyewitness News
September 16, 2019

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) – The past three Saturdays have been rollercoasters for Florida State fans as the Noles have been struggling to start their season strong.

FSU fans have been hoping for improvement and a winning record. On Monday morning, in response to Saturday's loss against Virginia, Landis Green had an air of collective disappointment.

“I thought we were gonna have a pretty good season," shared Emma Jomcaliffe, a junior at FSU. "I had high hopes but you know it didn’t work out.”

Those, like sophomore Brett Stade, were pretty upset with how the season has kicked off, “I was just hoping for better, mostly.”

Stade, however, was not too disappointed with the first game the Noles faced off against Boise State, “I was hoping we would beat Boise State but I don’t know, they seem pretty good.”

Sophomore Aidan McGill echoes, “I made excuses for our team. Boise State was like number one in their conference and they are known for their offense, so I was like 'Okay they are ranked now so maybe it was just a fluke.'”

But McGill's high hopes slowly dissipated, “The next game, [Louisiana-]Monroe, I mean that’s supposed to be one of two easiest games. Beat them by one point of course so I thought our season is over this is going to be so bad.”

Freshman Justin Pridgen was looking forward to a great first football season as a student. But he expresses, “A little disappointing. The second game I was like we will easily beat ULM and then we won by only a field goal. A missed field goal.”

When Pridgen was asked what the reason for the poor playing was, he shares, “I don’t know who to blame for it I don’t know what the problem is and I don’t know how to fix it.”

While many on social media feel that head coach Willie Taggart is the issue, Emma Jomcauliffe says Taggart is not the problem, “Keep the faith, you know, I feel like people just did our coach so hard but I feel like he is learning too and he’s growing and our program just kind of stumbled but we are going to pick back up for sure I am confident of it.”

Jomcauliffe says she is just trying to stay positive for her Seminoles, “Just hoping we keep it close if we are going to lose and it’s not totally embarrassing.”

“We are getting better. A lot of improvement since week one," observes Stade.

He, along with others, are continuing to bleed garnet and gold through the wins and the losses. Fans promise to keep that "unconquered" spirit, as they hope the FSU football team has more wins in their future.

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