FSU resumes fraternity and sorority rush

By: Julie Montanaro
February 14, 2018

Fraternity row is bustling again as rush begins for the first time since
the drinking death of a Pi Kappa Phi pledge in November.

FSU's president lifted the rush ban last month, but not the ban on parties or alcohol.

This pledge class will be the first bound by a long list of new rules.

Spring rush will only be four weeks long.

Those interested in pledging fraternities and sororities will have to meet new grade point and community service requirements as well as undergo more extensive hazing education.

FSU's Vice President of Student Affairs told us these pledge classes will be considerably smaller than usual.

"Perhaps now that we have reduced the focus on alcohol and parties, maybe we weeded some who were joining for the wrong reasons. I think that could be a big part of it," Dr. Amy Hecht said. "I don't think interest in being Greek at Florida State is waning. I think we will expect to continue to be one of the largest Greek communities in the country," Hecht said.

Hecht actually visited some of the fraternity houses during rush Tuesday night.

Fall rush will be shorter too. It will be six weeks instead of eight in hopes of reducing the risk.

"That tends to be the danger period. That's when we see - nationally -risky behavior. We see people doing things they might not otherwise have done without the carrot of membership and belonging," Hecht said.

Pi Kappa Phi pledge Andrew Coffey died of alcohol poisoning at a fraternity party in November. Nine brothers are charged with felony hazing in his death.

A Greek ban imposed days after Coffey's death is still in place. FSU President John Thrasher eased some of the rules last month to allow recruitment and philanthropy.

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