FSU softball player's family enduring hurricane catastrophe in Texas

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By: Erika Fernandez | WCTV Eyewitness News
August 30, 2017

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- People far and wide are stepping up to help the victims of Harvey. FSU and FAMU students are now taking matters into their own hands by hosting food drive and accepting donations.

Some in Tallahassee were personally impacted by the disaster. FSU softball player, Morgan Klaevemann’s family, just endured the catastrophe.

Klaevemann moved from the small town of Refugio, Texas to Tallahassee four years ago, and she’s since found refuge on the FSU softball field.

"Everyone has been amazing and so supportive," Klaevemann said.

But back in south Texas, her hometown is now unrecognizable.

"Looking through those pictures is just heartbreaking, because being 12 hours away, I can't do anything and that's all I want to do. To help the community that has constantly helped me," Klaevemann said.

Hurricane Harvey ripped through Texas last week, and left towns along the southeast coast completely destroyed.

"You know where a lot of people live and seeing those and barely being able to recognize those places that you've been before, it's just awful and heartbreaking," Klaevemann said.

Klaevemann's home made it out of the storm with only minor roof damage, but Morgan said her heart breaks for her city.

"I see my friends' houses and I hear from my mom how scary it is and it's just really heartbreaking to know that your community and the people that you grew up with are struggling and there's nothing that you can do from 12 hours away," Klaevemann said as she holds back tears.

Morgan’s Seminole family is now stepping up to help. Organizations like the Black Student Union on campus are now accepting donations for victims of the storm.

"We’re always talking about helping one another, uplifting one another, but when it comes to a time like this when we can actually act, it would be wrong if we didn't do that, and it's really important to show them that we care," said Wendyvette Edwards of the Black Student Union.

Organizations like this one are proving that a family on this campus will always sticks together.

"It really reminds you how great people are, and how supportive and great this university is, so it makes me super proud to be a Seminole," Klaevemann said.

All of Klaevemann’s family and friends are accounted for in Refugio, and now they begin the recovery process.

Other organizations at FSU accepting donations for victims of Hurricane Harvey are the Alumni Association and Seminole Club Network. A student at FAMU in the Future Public Health Professionals organization is working to start a fundraiser at her university.

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