Florida High's Brown back in gym after losing leg

By: Kenny Morales | WCTV Eyewitness Sports
July 7, 2017

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- Just a few days removed from having his left leg amputated, Cam Brown is back in the gym.

"It's great. it's absolutely great," Brown said. "One of the great things about football is working out, so I've missed this. Because, whenever I say football, I include this, so I missed this greatly."

Despite losing his leg, Brown is hungrier than ever to push, pull and lift his way back into shape.

"I think the biggest adjustment is the stability part," said Tyrone McGriff, Florida High's athletic director. "He's always been a strong kid, but with the chemo, he has a little bit of atrophy going on in his muscles.

"He came back and knew he had to work on core stabilization, strengthen that single leg and get his muscle tone back, so we've kind of geared back for him, but focused on that stabilization," McGriff continued.

Brown may not be able to play football for Western Carolina like he had planned, but he is still a Catamount.

The school is honoring his scholarship, and he plans to head to North Carolina next year to start classes.

"They don't care if I can't play football for them. They say, if I can't do that, I'll just start my coaching career early," Brown explained.

"For them to say that, it makes everything a lot easier. Knowing that they just want me to be healthy, it makes the surgery decision, the chemotherapy and the little things easier for me to tell them that."

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