Clemson holds off Seminoles in 31-14 win

By: Fletcher Keel | WCTV Eyewitness Sports
November 11, 2017

CLEMSON, S.C. (WCTV) -- The Florida State Seminoles fell to the reining national champion Clemson Tigers, 31-14, in Death Valley on Saturday.

Below is our running live blog we kept during the game, as the Seminoles attempted to stage a large second-half comeback.

Clemson got a garbage-time touchdown to make things seem worse than they were, but the Noles played a great second half and fell in a game that went down to the wire, once again.

Not what the doctor ordered - 4Q | Clemson, 24-17
FSU forced a Clemson fumble to set up inside the Tigers' 40 yardline but, on the very next play, James Blackman tossed an interception which lead to a Clemson touchdown several plays later.

FSU showed a ton of fight in this second half. If you're a Noles fan, there's a lot to feel proud of.

Buckle your seatbelt - 4Q, 8:53 | Clemson, 17-14
James Blackman finds Ryan Izzo WIDE. OPEN. and he takes it to the house from 60 yards out and it’s a three point game.

Y'all, we have a ball game.


You can PUT IT ON THE BOAAAARD - 3Q, 1:13 | Clemson, 17-7
Blackman dropped a DIME into the hands of Noonie Murray to set the Noles up inside the 5, and Patrick puts it home for an FSU touchdown.

Blackman, and the FSU offense as a whole, have looked a lot better in this second half, and all of a sudden, the Noles are within striking distance.

Targeting call - 3Q, 7:51 | Clemson, 17-0
That was not a smart decision by Emmett Rice, who lowered his helmet to make a tackle on a defenseless Clemson player away from the ball on the punt return.

he's been ejected for targeting.

There have been several times this season we've seen frustration get the best of an FSU player, and this is no exception.

HALFTIME: Clemson 17 - FSU 0
That was not a pretty half for FSU but, the good news is, it could be a lot worse; Clemson committed a fumble in the red zone that FSU jumped on and then fumbled a second time that forced them to kick a field goal.

FIELD GOAL - 2Q, 1:40 | 17-0, Clemson
For the second time today, Clemson fumbles inside the FSU five yardline but, despite three Noles being around the ball, the Tigers are able to fall on it and they settle for a field goal.

Not sure what exactly needs to change for the Noles, but something does and fast or this could get out of hand.

Untouched - 2Q, 6:34 | 14-0, Clemson
On the first play of the drive, Clemson’s Travis Etienne gets the handoff and goes untouched into the end zone.

This comes off the heels of a recovered fumble by the Noles in the shadow of their own end zone, but their inability to move the ball forward.

Blackman is having zero success today, having completed just one pass for six yards.

Open windows - 2Q | 7-0, Clemson
Kelly Bryant is finding holes all over the FSU secondary, firing perfect balls into every window. Not really sure what more the Noles secondary can do to stop that from happening.

A fast quarter from Death Valley. Blackman is having a very difficult day.

TOUCHDOWN CLEMSON - 1Q, 2:51 | 7-0, Clemson
Kelly Bryant fakes the handoff on the option and takes it into the end zone himself. It's 7-0 Tigers with 2:51 to play in the first quarter.

Blackman taking shots - 1Q, 5:36
After getting drilled to complete a throw on the previous play, Blackman got hit hard as he lost the football behind the line of scrimmage and lost the football. FSU fumble, but more importantly, Blackman was very slow to get off the field. Wonder if he'll come in for the next offensive series.

So far, so good - 1Q, 13:33
It is loud at Death Valley as Noles fans were making their voices be heard. The FSU defense forced a three and out and will begin their first offensive drive of the day from around midfield.

Coin Toss
The Noles have won the coin toss and elected to defer to the second half.

It's almost time for football!

Good afternoon, Noles fans. This game has all the makings of one that might go down to the wire. The Tigers want to stay in the CFP race and the Seminoles want to play spoiler. It should be a ton of fun.

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