Florida State vs. NC State live blog - Wolfpack top Noles, 27-21

By: Fletcher Keel | WCTV Eyewitness Sports
September 23, 2017

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- The long wait is over for Seminoles fans, as FSU finally not only gets back to playing football but will play their first home game of the 2017 campaign.

Keep this page handy, as we'll be giving you real-time thoughts, analysis and updates as the Noles and Wolfpack tango from Doak Campbell stadium.

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That's all, folks
That's all she wrote. NC State defeats FSU 27-21. WCTV will have a full recap soon.

Thanks for spending your Saturday afternoon with us.

Just what the doctor ordered - 4Q, 6:26
That's exactly what the Noles needed. They forced the Wolfpack into a safety and Derwin James returned the kick to the NC State 40. Now the offense has to finish a drive.

Three and out... - 4Q, 7:37
What did I say?

FSU would be going in "win or bust" playcalling mode and the Noles needed a touchdown.

They went all in on the former point and, not only didn't score a touchdown, but didn't score any points.

However, after the punt, the Pack are down inside their own three, so maybe the defense can force something here.

Put a fork in 'em? - 4Q, 9:16
NC State puts another touchdown on the board with a Finley shuffle pass to Samuels and its now 27-16.

There's still over nine minutes to play, but I'm wondering when FSU will start to go into "win or bust" play calling mode. Also, the Noles need a touchdown - not just points - on this next drive, or it maybe over.

FSU needs to create breaks
If FSU doesn't force a turnover of some sort, this game is going to be over. NC State has moved at the field, especially in this second half, at will.

Chopping away
The Noles are the first to put up points in the second half, thanks to a 36-yard field goal from Aguyo.

Blackman took a shot down the field and and connected with Auden Tate for a 51-yard gain down to the NC State 12, but Tate was hurt on the play and has left the sideline.

Halftime thoughts
Once James Blackman got the feel and speed of the game underneath him, things went fine for him. It seemed as if the offensive play callers wanted to "ease" Blackman in by getting him some big plays, but those quickly turned into three and outs.

Cam Akers is going to be the real deal. I'm excited to see what the second half has in store for him.

Tate is becoming an instant favorite of Blackman. Lets see if that relationship continues.

And it's good - 2Q
Despite having three straight timeouts being called against him, Ricky Aguayo nails a 37-yard field goal to put the Noles on the board once again.

With five seconds left in the half, it's 17-10 Wolfpack.

That's gotta hurt - 2Q, 1:34
Well, instead of running out the clock, Finley found Jakobi Meyers in the middle of the field, and he took it to the house to extend the Wolfpack lead to 17-7.

Wide right - 2Q, 3:07
The drive seemed to be going so well for the Noles, but a couple of short runs led into a fourth down, and Ricky Aguayo missed a 30-yard field goal which would have tied the game.

NC State takes over hopes of running out the clock in the half.

What is going on? - 2Q, 7:08
A crazy play just happened which has resulted in FSU's first turnover of the game. Blackman stepped up in the pocket and began to run away from pressure. He picked up a first down but lost the ball as he was going to the ground. Once the ball was free, it bounced around near the goal line as several players tried to pick it up. NC State came away with it at the bottom of the pile, and following a lengthy review, the call stands.

First turnover of the day and the Pack begin the drive extremely backed up.

Put 'em on the boaaaard! - 2Q, 12:24
James Blackman has thrown a collegiate touchdown, as he finds Auden Tate in the endzone to put FSU on the board. The Noles continue to trail NC State, 10-7.

That was just the drive FSU needed. They were able to get a little bit of confidence in Blackman and they were able to open up the playbook some, giving Cam Akers and Jacques Patrick some touches to get their game legs underneath them.

Also, it can't go understated how big Jimbo Fisher's decision to go for it on 4th down was to keep the drive going for a touchdown, rather than settle for a field goal.

The Noles have been most successful, so far, when passing short and letting the playmakers do the work instead of sending Blackman deep. We'll see how much that continues.

Getting the legs under them - END OF THE FIRST QUARTER
It took three drives to do it, but the Noles are starting to click on offense. Cam Akers has gotten a chance to run the rock for the first time and has amassed 28 yards on three touches, including runs of 16 and 14 yards.

The first quarter ends with the Noles facing a 4th and 3 at the NC State 38.

Close, but no cigar - 1Q, 3:20
NC State puts more points on the board, this time from a two-yard touchdown rush by Jaylen Samuels who had his finger prints all over the drive, from a trick play pass to the finishing score.

The big killer for the Noles was an, albeit questionable, roughing the passer call when the Pack had the ball around midfield.

FSU has gone 3 & Out in their first two drives, and Blackman is just 1-for-4 through the air.

Putting too much "umph" on it - 1Q, 7:59
Blackman overshot his intended target on both 1st and 2nd down and then had some miscommunication with his receiver on 3rd down as the Noles are forced to punt for the second time today.

Defense bends, but doesn't break - 1Q, 8:09
After Samuels' big pickup, the Noles defense stands tall and forces a Pack field goal. NC State leads, 3-0.

The Noles defense, on that first series, looks like a unit that hasn't played in nearly a month. They would have gotten out of trouble if not for the 3rd and long pickup.

Defensive breakdown - 1Q, 9:28
Finley finds Jaylen Samuels for a 27-yard pick up on third and long. It's 1st and goal for the Pack.

Down goes Blackman - 1Q, 13:20
Blackman saw nothing downfield and decided to step up to try to run, but Justin Jones brought him down for a loss. Noles go 3 & Out in their first series.

Blackman's first completion - 1Q, 14:50
Blackman makes his first completion of the day to Nyquan Murray for a four yard gain.

NC State wins the coin toss and has deferred to the second half
James Blackman will open his career on offense today.

Welcome to today's live blog!
Welcome everyone! This is a new way of keeping you updated with the Noles that we are trying out. Hope you're able to join us all afternoon. The Noles and Wolfpack will be getting underway momentarily.

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