Florida voters to decide on Greyhound racing

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By: Capitol News Service
November 30, 2017

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (CNS) -- After five years of trying to ban greyhound racing in the state legislature, voters will soon get to decide the fate of thousands of dogs.

A panel of the Constitution Revision Commission agreed Thursday to put the ban before voters in 2018.

Sponsor Tom Lee says the revision effort won’t face the same obstacles that have thwarted lawmakers in the past.

Lee stated, “Well the Legislature has different pressures than the Constitutional Revision Commission. The Constitutional Revision Commission isn't reliant upon special interest money to get reelected. They're more free to vote their conscience and less encumbered by the deep pockets of some of these industries that have locked this bill down in the last few years.”

The ban would phase racing out over a three year period. An estimated eight thousand dogs are currently being bred for racing in the state.

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