Former Madison Co. Supervisor of Elections: Current supervisor's audit discrepancy 'unfair'

By: Lanetra Bennett I Eyewitness News
December 27, 2017

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- Some residents in Madison County are calling a current situation, "unfair" and "unequal treatment."

At the center of the issue is Madison County Supervisor of Elections Tommy Hardee.

Hardee wrote a letter to the editor to notify the public that he took more than $17,000 from the elections office.

He says he didn't realize it was against policy and he's since returned the money.

Hardee's letter to the editor came out in Wednesday's edition of the newspaper. He said in it that he gave himself salary advances based off poor advice.

Jada Woods Williams says it's not fair. She's the former supervisor of elections. She was removed on the spot after being accused of wrong-doing in 2011.

She faced multiple charges when she was accused of allowing illegal ballot mailings and petition signatures.

Williams was removed from office by the governor. She says she was not given the option as Hardee, to write a letter to the editor, and stay in office.

"To me it seems like it is not fair ... there is other public officials that would have allowed themselves to make it correct and then go back and ask for a second chance, but like myself I was not given that second chance. So again we should all be given a second chance or none at all." Williams said.

Williams' charges were dismissed in 2013.

Hardee was not arrested or charged with any crime.

He told WCTV he was under the impression he was allowed to take salary advances.

He says the compete accounting function will now be outsourced to prevent an occurrence of such error in the future.

The county commission attorney says while commissioners will listen to anyone who's expected to bring concerns up at the county commission meeting, the commission cannot take any action. He says the Supervisor of Elections Office is a separate constitutional office. He says the final word is up to the governor.

A spokesperson says the Governor's Office is reviewing the matter.

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