Gadsden County teens kick off summer with service project

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By: Erika Fernandez
May 31, 2016

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) --- Gadsden County teens didn't let the heat stop them as they tackled service projects at the start of their summer break.

The program, called 'Love at Work,' started in Gretna, but it's now touching families all over Gadsden County.

Each strike of the hammer is a sign of repair in progress--just one of the tasks these teenagers are completing on this week's mission trip.

"I really enjoy getting out here and working and getting something done my first week of summer and not just sitting around doing nothing when i can be out here getting a lot of good done,” says volunteer, Graham Thompson.

Graham Thompson is one of 50 students and 20 adult volunteers serving on seven teams, spread out around the county.

Each spends the week repairing roofs, mending porches and refurbishing steps.

"We see a lot of work within the students, really just putting hands on service, being able to get in the community and help people,” says Board of Directors, Jason Hickey.

"This is more of what they need, positive role models like love at work to train them and show them how it’s supposed to be done instead of being out here in the streets and getting in trouble," says homeowner, Shantisha Hobbs.

Last year, students volunteered to fix other houses in this neighborhood. Houses like Arthur Mae's.

The family says the work is nothing short of a home-grown miracle.

"I couldn’t afford to do it myself but the Lord sent them to me and they took care of me and I thank God for them,” says homeowner, Arthur Mae Williams.

A community thankful for the selfless service this summer break.

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