Georgia military bringing in big bucks

Emma Wheeler | WCTV Eyewitness News
August 1, 2019

VALDOSTA, Ga. (WCTV) -- The peach state is honoring the red, white, blue and green, proving it pays to fight for freedom.

Officials with Metro Atlanta CEO say Georgia is among the top five military money making states in the nation, raking in about $280 billion every year.

Lowndes County is just one of the communities contributing to that monopoly.

Valdosta city officials said Moody Air Force base brings in about $450 million, making it a huge asset to the local economy.

According to state officials, one in ten Georgians are associated with the military. In Valdosta, Moody Air Force Base employs about 6,500 people. That's why city officials said they do everything they can to make sure the base is here to stay.

"The military presence creates a lot of involvement on behalf of the city, because of zoning issues or school choice issues, those kinds of things," said Valdosta City Mayor John Gayle. "It's important that the things that we have and the things that we do here are important to them."

Because Moody Air Force Base, and other military members, are such a huge part of the community, city officials said supporting those groups plays a significant role in decision and policy making.

State officials said Georgia and Florida are among the top states in the nation for military recruitment, doubling the national average.