Gillum Believes First Time Voters Will Swing Florida Blue in 2020

By Capital News Service
June 18, 2019

FLORIDA (CapNews) -- No President since Calvin Coolidge won in 1923 has gotten the job without Florida’s electoral votes.

Former Democrat Gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum said pollsters this election cycle won’t be surprised by first time voters and Gillum doesn’t believe Trump can win Florida again.

“The President can not be re-elected President of the United States without Florida. Florida can deny him a second term, and that’s why he’s kicking off his election today here,” said Gillum. "That’s why he will in a few weeks, be kicking off his national Latino outreach effort here in the state of Florida. I think it will be rejected by Floridians. The very voters that he needs, Hispanics are not going to take kindly to his policies of caging hispanic babies in cells and his very very inhumane immigration policy this President has been trotting out.”