Gov. Scott Heading to D.C. to Request Zika Funding

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By: Matt Galka
May 10, 2016

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- With Florida’s Department of Health announcing two new cases of the Zika virus in Florida on Monday, Florida officials are continuing to call for help from Washington, D.C. Florida’s Governor heads there tomorrow to try and make the case for why the state needs resources now.

The buzz around the Governor’s office is the growing threat of Zika to Florida – the virus linked to a variety of health problems.

Governor Rick Scott hopes to swat away the problem before it gets any bigger.

“The federal government needs to come together, work together, and provide the funding for the things that are necessary to our states,” Scott said after Tuesday’s cabinet meeting.

The Governor travels to Washington, D.C. Wednesday and Thursday this week. He hopes to convince Congress that they need to help prepare Florida for a potential health crisis. There are now 107 travel related cases in state.

His visit comes at a time when two Florida Senators push a $1.9 billion dollar emergency funding plan to fight the spread of Zika. Senator Bill Nelson said there’s even potential for a genetically modified mosquito to be released.

“This is altering a gene in the genetic makeup of the egypti mosquito to turn off that mosquitoes ability to reproduce,” he said.

There have been nearly 500 cases of Zika reported in the US so far, all of them travel related.

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