Grady Co. residents concerned about intersection where four-year-old was killed in crash

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By: Niah Humphrey | WALB News 10
January 23, 2020

GRADY COUNTY, Ga. (WALB) -- A car crash at the intersection of Highway 112 and Georgia 262 in Grady County Monday killed a 4-year-old and sent three others to the hospital.

People told us that everyone just needs to slow down, especially at that intersection.

“It was bad, it was a really bad scene,” said Chris Godwin, the assistant manager at the Birdsong Peanuts County Line Buying Point.

Godwin works at the company that is right across the street from where the accident happened. He said he came into work shortly after the crash and saw the tragic scene.

“There was um, [it] was frantic. People everywhere you know, just trying to save this lady and save these other two kids,” explained Godwin.

With an EMT certification, Godwin was able to help extract the driver from the car, but he said there, unfortunately, wasn’t anything they could do for the child.

“At that point, there was nothing to do for the four-year-old other than just be respectful, but it was just not, it was not a good scene at all,” said Godwin.

Another man told us this isn’t the first accident he’s seen at this intersection.

“I’ve been here for 18 years and I’ve seen multiple accidents at this crossroads. The mother and the kids lived down the road, back towards Veda and they’ve been here for just a short time," the resident said.

He said this is a bad intersection and he doesn’t know what, if anything, can be put in place to stop or prevent crashes like this one from happening again.

“A lot of the stuff that goes on is just from people not concentrating and being distracted by just everyday life, you know cell phones and things like that, and it’s just a shame,” said Godwin.

WALB was told the driver is still in critical condition and doctors are keeping a close eye on one child, but currently, both of the children that were injured are stable.

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