Charges for correctional officer pregnant with inmate's baby

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By: Amy Robinson | WCTV Eyewitness News
January 9, 2018

Tarra Avery

HAMILTON COUNTY, Fla. (WCTV) -- An officer at Hamilton Correctional Institution has been arrested, accused of having sex with an inmate and becoming pregnant with his child.

Tarra Avery, 31, was taken into custody Thursday morning on a warrant for felony sexual misconduct and introduction of contraband.

According to arrest documents, an investigation was launched in November 2017 after several inmates at HCI reported that Avery was in a relationship with an inmate and that he was the father of her unborn baby.

During a search of the inmate's property, officials found evidence of a relationship between the two, including handwritten letters from Avery and an address book containing Avery's cell phone number.

Officials say further investigation uncovered phone conversations between the inmate and his sister, during which he mentions Avery by name and discusses the pregnancy.

In a subsequent interview with Avery, investigators say she admitted to having sex with the inmate in an officer's station bathroom in a dormitory on one occasion. She also admitted to being pregnant with the inmate's child, receiving $200 from the inmate's sister to cover pregnancy expenses, and giving the sister $100 for the inmate's phone account.

Avery was arrested Thursday and booked into the Hamilton County Jail.

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