Henry Segura quadruple murder trial day 2: Witness testimony continues

Medical examiner Lisa Flannagan conducted autopsies on all four murder victims Henry Segura is accused of killing.

By: Julie Montanaro | WCTV Eyewitness News
November 7, 2019

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) — A Tallahassee Police forensics expert is the first witness on the stand in day two of Henry Segura’s quadruple murder trial.

Joanne Maltese testified she and other forensics officers responded to the crime scene on November 20, 2010.

“There was so much blood,” Maltese said as she described blood spattered in the foyer and even outside the front door of Brandi Peters’ home.

Maltese also described going into the home wearing a protective Tyvek suit and boots so as not to contaminate the crime scene as they photographed and collected evidence.

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10 a.m.

Medical examiner Lisa Flannagan conducted autopsies on all four murder victims.

Flannagan testified that Brandi Peters was shot a total of seven times, including twice in the head. Peters also suffered a cracked skull, according to Flannagan.

Flannagan testified that Peters’ tried to defend herself, citing injuries to her hands including broken and swollen fingers and torn fingernails.

Jurors have mixed reactions to the graphic photos of Peters’ injuries. Some are watching intently, others are looking down and away.

All three children were found dead in the bathtub. The medical examiner testified that one was shot and the other two were drowned.

Prosecutors held up huge poster boards showing the exact clothes the children were wearing when they died.

DNA expert Kevin McElfresh took the stand while the jury was out to lunch. The judge tried to decide the admissibility of some of his findings.

A firearms expert from FDLE testified that all 10 shots were fired by the same gun, which he believes was a Smith and Wesson .32 caliber revolver.

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