Hungry customers helping provide aid to Bahamas

By: Sophia Hernandez | WCTV Eyewitness News
September 22, 2019


Relief for Hurricane Dorian continues, and this time, right in our own backyards. Maple Street Biscuit Company which is normally closed on Sundays, opened its doors for their hungry and giving customers.

All of the proceeds from Sunday's opening, will be given to the Bahamas. The store provided a limited menu to those who showed up ready to help.

Among the line of hungry individuals trying to get a bite to eat, Kristin Brown was with her family and son's friends, "We wanted to come here and we didn't realize that it's not normally open so we got lucky."

The Orlando native was visiting her son for the football game. When she found out that all of the sales were benefitting those miles away, she could not help but sympathize, "They have nothing there and us being from Orlando we know how that goes to, we have seen it we know you guys have seen it. We know what it is like to not have food, no power, no nothing."

And the Hurricane did not just affect those who live afar. Miller Mcinnis lives in Daytona Beach. She brought her parents to Maple Street, after her sister heard about what they were doing. The impacts, she feels heavily, "So we evacuated Dorian. we were terrified too I mean category 5 storm. Especially being from Florida anytime we can help out with Hurricane relief is super important because it is just bringing the community together to help out other people, because we know what it is like."

Tallahassee resident Adalises Ortiz, knows and echoes, "So many people have lost a lot and you are just grateful that even though we have braved many storms and you have been able to handle it and get through it. If you are able to extend that same courtesy and extend that support to others that have gone through the same thing, because you have gone through it yourself, then it's worth it."

Her roommate, Carolina Merida, saw an ad on Facebook for the event. As she sips her coffee, she shares she is happy to have made a difference by just a simple purchase, "I couldn't personally go there so just anything that I could do just knowing anything that I bought could help them in the long run."

Brown says, "It is easy for us to go anywhere in our community and get a meal for under ten bucks and they don't have any options at all. Only what they can find or get as a handout. So it's all we can do."

And with each purchase of a biscuit, helping Bahamian families in need.