Hurricane Michael victims react to Disaster Aid Relief Bill

By: Sophia Hernandez | WCTV Eyewitness News
June 7, 2019

CHATTAHOOCHEE, Fla. (WCTV) – Almost eight months ago, Hurricane Michael ripped through North Florida and South Georgia, destroying thousands of homes and livelihoods.

On Thursday, President Trump approved a $19.1 billion dollar disaster relief bill that could help residents, like the ones affected by Michael, to rebuild after the storm.

Walking up and down the streets of Chattahoochee, the damage left by the Category 5 storm are still visible. Those that live among the destruction, hope that with the approval of this bill, they will finally get the help they need

Homes are still without roofs, many with no air conditioning, and others covered in debris. That is just a portion of the extensive damage that is still left in Chattahoochee.

Demethra Finn shares that damage her home suffered, "When the storm came not only did it do a little roof damage it shifted my whole house, it blew it windows, knocked my chimney down, limbs and everything."

But with assistance now on the way, many like Shiella Mason are hopeful, "It's great because there are so many things that still need to be accomplished here in Chatahoochee."

Others like Alice Jackson are worried, as her previous cries for help, she says were heard but no action was taken.

"I haven't been helped with anything from FEMA it anything like that they told me I didn't qualify," Jackson expresses, "but when they said that maybe the ones that didn't get help may get some help now."

Now, eight months later, residents are hoping that the aid they need comes quickly.

Mason mentions, "Majority of us, even though we had insurance, if our house was older than that cut out so much of the insurance so we just don't have the funds to actually be able to bring our homes and stuff back up to were they need to be."

Those like her son Anthony, just want communities like theirs to rebuild, "Just hoping it gets better Chattahoochee got to get better."

With money on the way, the restoration of these homes and lives, hopefully on the horizon.

It is still unknown how or when these funds will be distributed but those affected, hope that it will come before the next hurricane season begins.

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