Jealous boyfriend kills girlfriend's puppy and dumps it in a trash bag, police say

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By: WTSP 10 News Staff
March 15, 2019

BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. (WTSP) — A jealous Florida boyfriend is accused of killing his girlfriend's puppy because he thought she was with another guy.

According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, the 16-year-old girl came home to her North Lauderdale apartment to find flowers, the dog's collar and a note next to a trash bag that contained her precious Shih Tzu mix with an electrical cord around its neck.

Lawrence Graham, 19, bought her the puppy a year ago; but the Broward County Sheriff's Office said he killed the animal when she didn't get home soon enough for him to see her on Wednesday and didn't answer his calls or texts.

The Sun-Sentinel reports he kicked the dog, slammed it to the ground and dumped it in the plastic garbage bag. When the small dog carved a hole in the bag, investigators say he choked it.

According to CBS Miami, he texted her afterward and said: “if u really loved him u woulda made it in time 2 save him."

Graham faces six felony counts of animal cruelty, CBS Miami reports.

He was jailed on $15,000 bond.

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