FINAL: FSU 14 - Clemson 45

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By: Fletcher Keel | WCTV Eyewitness Sports
October 12, 2019

CLEMSON, S.C. (WCTV) -- The Florida State Seminoles return to the football field after a bye-week and are looking for their third consecutive victory but the defending national champion Clemson Tigers stand in their way.

The Tigers were also on a bye last week and most recently escaped UNC with a one-point win in Chapel Hill.

Clemson comes into the meeting averaging 38 points per game and allowing just an average of 12 points per outing. The Tiger defense is also limiting opposing offenses to just 2.8 yards per rush and has allowed just 752 yard through the air.

No doubt, it's a tough task ahead for Willie Taggart's club and with James Blackman back in the starting line up (or, at least, so Taggart says) it could be a slow start for the Noles as they get the bye week dust off of them.

Below, you'll find a running live blog with play-by-play, analysis and reaction to accompany our live tweeting over on my account and our WCTV Sports account.

Kickoff is set for 3:30 p.m. on ABC.

FINAL: FSU 14 - Clemson 45

A lot of people thought this game would be a lot closer than it was. And, honestly, 45-14 is still a lot closer than it felt.

Thanks for sticking with me this afternoon, folks. You are all troopers. For our full gamer, click here.

4th Quarter, 2:41: FSU 14 - Clemson 45

Khalan Laborn has his first career touchdown after breaking a 40-yard rush to the house.

4th Quarter, 4:58: FSU 7 - Clemson 45

Just updating this for completions sake.

4th Quarter, 8:29: FSU 7 - Clemson 42

Just checking in because nothing has happened: FSU continues to be unable to move the ball on offense and the Tigers are moving the ball decently with their second-string offense but not well enough to score.

Kinda just waiting for this game to end, honestly. As I'm sure those of you still watching are.


15 more minutes, everyone.

3rd Quarter, 2:02: FSU 7 - Clemson 42

The Seminoles will not be shutout today!

Hornibrook finds Tamorrion Terry across the middle and Terry races to the house from 64-yards out.

FSU is on the board.

3rd Quarter, 9:39: FSU 0 - Clemson 42

Nothing about that last offensive series was positive for FSU.

First, James Blackman (arguably rightly so) got aggravated with being stood over out of bounds, so he shoved a Clemson defender and earned an unsportsmanlike penalty (as did Clemson).

Then, he overthrows Cam Akers and finds the hands of Derion Kendrick, who takes the ball to the house from 38-yards out.

It's 42-0 and Alex Hornibrook looks to be coming into the game.

3rd Quarter, 11:49: FSU 0 - Clemson 35

Amari Rodgers gets the double-reverse call and goes, untouched, 29-yards to the house.

It's what caps a five-play, 67-yard scoring drive that took just 2:13 after the Noles opened the half with a three-and-out in less than a minute.

At least FAMU won today! A gutsy win for the Rattlers.

But yeah, this is ugly in Clemson.

HALFTIME: FSU 0 - Clemson 28

Clemson lined up to go for it on 4th and 2, then thought better of it and opted for a field goal, which was missed, and Dabo was not happy.

Clemson is outgaining FSU in total yards, 367-63.

Trevor Lawrence is 17-for-25 for 170 yards and three rushing touchdowns.

James Blackman and Alex Hornibrook are combined for 9-for-17 for 47 yards and 2 interceptions.

FSU has totaled 16 yards on the ground on 10 rushes. Compared to Travis Etienne's 13 carries for 89 yards and a receiving touchdown.

It hasn't been great.

2nd Quarter, 0:40: FSU 0 - Clemson 28

FSU thought they had something good cookin': They stopped Clemson on a fourth-and-goal play at the goal line and were trying to get into at least scoring position, but James Blackman's pass is tipped at the line of scrimmage and is intercepted by Chad Smith to not only end the Noles' threat (as much as it was one), but give the Tigers an opportunity to add points before halftime.

Oh, and Keyshawn Helton is down on the field and a cart is coming out for him.

TV is saying it, Twitter is saying it and I'm gonna say it too: Nothing is going right for the Noles.

2nd Quarter, 6:53: FSU 0 - Clemson 28

Hamsah Nasirildeen picked off Lawrence on a play that Lawrence attempted to keep alive for too long (and it was a great defensive play from Nasirildeen to haul it in) but the Noles can't do anything on offense with Hornibrook under center and Cam Akers in the medical tent.

3-and-out go the Noles, Clemson gets the ball back.

2nd Quarter, 8:58: FSU 0 - Clemson 28

I'm just going to give you the yardage of each play of the last Clemson drive, because it tells the whole tale.

16-yard rush (Dixon)
22-yard pass
2-yard rush (Dixon)
23-yard pass
7-yard rush (Lawrence, QB keeper)
8-yard touchdown pass.

Just...that...easy, folks.

2nd Quarter, 13:13: FSU 0 - Clemson 21

The Tigers have their third touchdown of the day, all from Trevor Lawrence as he has his second throwing score of the afternoon, this one a 10-yard completion to Justyn Ross, to make it 21-0.

Clemson is up to 219 yards of total offense and the split is almost exactly even: 110 yards through the air, 109 on the ground.


FSU has looked solid on defense, despite allowing 197 first quarter yards to the Tigers and two touchdowns.

The Noles' offense, on the other hand, has not, having totaled just 45 yards of offense.

Clemson will open the second quarter at the Noles' 22.

1st Quarter, 3:25: FSU 0 - Clemson 14

Alex Hornibrook enters the game for the first time and the Seminoles' offense looked far more competent. Until, that is, Hornibrook underthrew his receiver and Tanner Muse picked it off just past midfield at the Clemson 44.

The Tigers with the chance to make this a three-score game.

1st Quarter, 4:41: FSU 0 - Clemson 14

The Tigers are on the board again, their second score in three drives, after quarterback Trevor Lawrence takes it to the house by himself from eight-yards out, capping a nine-play, 66 yard drive in 3:49 of game time.

Lawrence is 7-for-9 with 77 yards and a touchdown through the air to accompany his rushing score.

The Tigers already have 156 yards of total offense to the Noles' 26.

1st Quarter, 12:09: FSU 0 - Clemson 7

And just like that, the Tigers are on the board after a blazing start. A couple of long passes, including a trick play that saw Travis Etienne complete a 23-yard pass, set the Tigers up inside the 10, but the Noles forced Clemson into a 4th and goal, which was converted to Etienne on a shovel pass for a touchdown.

Noles take the field on offense for the first time, with James Blackman under center.

1st Quarter, 15:00: FSU 0 - Clemson 0

We are underway, gang. This game has begun on ESPNews due to the Michigan/Illinois game still underway.

Clemson will begin the game on offense. It's time to get wild.


Back in the saddle again. It feels like it's been far longer than just a week separated from the last time FSU took the field, yet here we are.

Assuredly the Noles are hoping for a game similar to the 2017 contest, which saw them nearly upset the Tigers in Death Valley, unlike last year's affair, which set the mark for the worst home loss in program history.

As I said above, Blackman is slated to start undercenter but there will be a bit (it remains to be seen how much) of Alex Hornibrook playing as well, if Taggart is to be believed this week.

I'm going to level with you; I don't think this ends prettily for FSU, but I wouldn't mind to be proven wrong come the end of the game.

Thanks for joining me this afternoon. Let's have some fun.

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