FINAL: Florida State 38 - Boston College 31

By: Fletcher Keel | WCTV Eyewitness Sports
November 9, 2019

CHESTNUT HILL, Ma. (WCTV) -- After a week that saw the firing of a head coach, the promotion of a familiar face to interim head coach, the swirling of rumors regarding the head coaching vacancy and losing a star defensive player, it's finally time for Florida State to play a football game, and they'll do it in near freezing temperatures at Boston College.

Entering play on Saturday, the Seminoles need to win two of their last three games to attain bowl eligibility, with only Alabama State and Florida left on the schedule after today.

BC comes into today with the fourth-best rushing attack in the nation, averaging 282.3 yards per game while the Noles come in allowing 154.7 yards on the ground per game.

Below will be a running live blog of the game, with play-by-play updates and analysis. For up-to-the-minute updates, follow myself on Twitter as well as WCTV Sports.

Kickoff is set for noon and the game will be on the ACC Network.

FINAL: FSU 38 - BC 31

This was a weird game: It was simultaneously slow moving and the quickest game of the year. It was both kind of boring/forgettable and incredibly exciting.

Anyway, here's our gamer for today. Thanks for watching with me.

4th Quarter, 0:14: FSU 38 - BC 31

For the second time today, Grosel and White team up for a touchdown for the Eagles, this one comes, perhaps, too little too late for BC, who trail by seven with 14 seconds to play.

Onside kick coming.

4th Quarter, 1:03: FSU 38 - BC 24

For the second time today, Jordan Travis has a touchdown, this one from 66 yards out, as the Noles extend their lead.

The touchdown was set up by a Stanford Samuels interception as BC was trying to drive down the field to tie the game.

FSU is 1:03 away from going 3-0 all time with Odell Haggins as head coach.

4th Quarter, 1:48: FSU 31 - BC 24

DJ Matthews takes a seven-yard slant route to the house from 60 yards out, diving into the endzone from about 15 yards out near the sideline, to answer the Eagles' game-tying score.

Less than two minutes to play, BC to get the ball again.

4th Quarter, 2:33: FSU 24 - BC 24

A drive that ate over seven minutes and encompassed 90 yards on 13 plays ends with a one-yard touchdown rush from Grosel to tie the game.

As good a job as the Seminoles have done keeping the Eagles rushing attack at bay, BC was able to poke just enough to find success.

Are we having fun yet?

4th Quarter, 12:10: FSU 24 - BC 17

After missing their first two attempts today, BC finally has a field goal on the board and trails the Noles by just a touchdown.

BC had the ball inside of the redzone, but a couple of minimal-gain rushes and a dropped pass from Dillon (which would have been at least a first down) make the Eagles settle for three.


BC is starting to show so offensive life, but if the fourth quarter holds chalk as the rest of the second half, we'll be looking at a five-win Noles team.

3rd Quarter, 2:23: FSU 24 - BC 14

It's 21 unanswered points for the Seminoles as Cam Akers has his first touchdown of the day (and his 13th of the season) as he punches it in from 13 yards out.

FSU tried to get in their own way though; three penalties on the drive and a dropped touchdown by Akers nearly had the Noles come away with nothing (or, at least three) but they rallied and put it home to make it a 10-point game.

I know there's still 17+ minutes to play, but this next drive for BC is H U G E.

3rd Quarter, 6:17: FSU 17 - BC 14

Boston College's offense has gone ice cold, and the latest example is stalling out just beyond midfield to turn the ball over on downs.

Huge chance for the Noles to take all of the air out of the stadium with a score.

3rd Quarter, 12:24: FSU 17 - BC 14

You're not going to believe the words I'm about to type, but they are 100% true.

Jordan Travis replaces James Blackman at quarterback and on his first snap, he fakes play action to Akers and takes it to the house himself from 26-yards out, giving the Noles their first lead of the game.

I still don't believe it, and yet I watched it with my own two eyes.


BC misses their second field goal of the day and it's a four-point game at the break. The Noles get the football to start the second half.

The team stats are essentially flip-flopped: BC has 166 rushing yards (252 total) while the Noles have 181 passing yards (2:14 total; that 74-yard touchdown from Blackman to Terry certainly helps that stat).

2nd Quarter, 4:26: FSU 10 - BC 14

Football giveth and it...giveth some more.

What was darn near a catastrophe for FSU, as Isaiah Bolden nearly fumbled the kickoff return following the BC touchdown, turned into a 74-yard touchdown pitch and catch from Blackman to Terry as the Noles have a touchdown on the board for the first time today.

As I said earlier this game: Game on.

2nd Quarter, 5:12: FSU 3 - BC 14

Since the opening drive, the Seminoles have done a wonderful job keeping the BC running attack in check.

Until that last drive, in which the Eagles rushed the ball on every play, going for 8, 19, 2, 1, 20 and 11 yards to cap off a 61-yard drive.

It was David Bailey who took it in from 11 yards out and it's a 14-3 lead for the home team.


A brisk first quarter. Almost as brisk as what I hear it's like in Boston.


1st Quarter, 1:25: FSU 3 - BC 7

BC misses a 37-yard field goal attempt.

Then Cam takes the first play of the next drive for 12 yards.

Game on.

1st Quarter, 5:51: FSU 3 - BC 7

At least it's an answer, if not an outright match.

The Noles, led by James Blackman under center, drive 51 yards in 3:22 and settle for a 20-yard field goal from Ricky Aguayo.

Blackman went 4-for-6 for 53 yards with 12+-yard plays to Tre'Shaun Harrison, DJ Matthews, Tamorrion Terry and Cam Akers.

That's efficient.

1st Quarter, 9:22: FSU 0 - BC 7

That series went about as expected for the BC offense, who rushed for 58 of the 75 yards gained on the opening drive, completed with a 17-yard touchdown pass to Kobay White to put the first points on the board.

It could have been no points for the Noles' defense, as BC QB Dennis Grosel fumbled the snap from shotgun and about four FSU unis were in the area to recover, but none did and the very next play, White hauled in the scoring reception.


Is anyone else exhausted? I'm not sure if it's the time change or the Taggart fallout news (or both), but this week was a doozy.

And we still have football today!

I'm honestly not sure what to expect. I don't doubt the Seminoles will come out with a fire lit under them, wanting to play well, especially for Odell Haggins, but I'm not sure if that'll translate into a win.

I also would be just as shocked/not shocked (I'm not quite sure which the proper term is) if they fall flat and continue to look disorganized, maybe even more so with the week that they've had.

I'm also curious as to how the Noles will look on offense: Not just in terms of who will get the nod at quarterback (I think Alex Hornibrook will remain the guy, but that remains to be seen) but I wonder how healthy Cam Akers is - Haggins said on Monday that he and Marvin Wilson will be ready to go today and then a few days later Wilson was announced to have undergone surgery. We didn't get that kind of news from Akers, but he still could be banged up and not at 100%.

Anyway, I'm tired of talking about if's, and's or butt's. I'm ready for actual football. Thanks for hanging with me today.

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