Leon County Schools experiencing few hiccups on first day of normal bus routes

By: Jacob Murphey | WCTV Eyewitness News
August 19, 2019
UPDATE: A Leon County School District spokesperson confirmed Osborne lives on a road buses can't reach. The district is getting the bus as close as possible.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- Leon County Schools have reverted back to last year's bus routes on Monday after the first week of school saw chaos when the system tried new routes.

The district is still reporting issues, saying they're normal first day of school problems.

LCS Spokesman Chris Petley says the situation Monday was far better, saying a few communication issues with parents have been had, but overall, things are going okay.

However, one parent of an ESE child tells WCTV the bus used to pick up her child in front of her home but on Sunday, was told she'd need to walk over half a mile to the bus stop.

"It makes me feel like they don't care about my daughter. That's what it makes me feel like," said Candy Osborne. "She's a kid with disabilities she has a learning issue. Now the teacher has to start from scratch."

Osborne says she's called the district a number of times on Monday, with no luck.

She says she moved into a new home this year, but has the proper paperwork to get her daughter a direct pick up.

Around the county, there has been a mixed reaction from parents: Some said the district fixed their issues, while others say fixes aren't completely in yet.

LCS says the call center remains open for parents who still may be experiencing difficulties with bus routes. That number is 850-587-5250.

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