Leon County Sheriff's Office investigating burglary, shooting in Killearn area

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By: Lanetra Bennett | WCTV Eyewitness News
September 24, 2018

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- A man's frantic yell for help was caught on his home's surveillance system.

"They're shooting at me! Call 911! Call 911. Hurry up," you can hear him say in the video.

Moments later, a car drives by the Iron Liege Trail home and several gunshots are fired. Before that chilling moment, the gunshots started in front of a home on Kingman Trail.

"I woke up to probably about four or five gunshots going off," Charna Whritenour said.

The homeowner from the surveillance video says he saw someone leaving his property. All four of his vehicles were burglarized and left with the doors open.

The man says he drove around to check things out. On Kingman Trail, which is one street over from his house, he says he caught someone trying to steal an SUV from his neighbor's driveway.

The man says he fired a warning shot in the air. Suspects in a red pickup truck then started shooting at him. That's when the man sped home and the surveillance camera caught the suspects driving by and shooting.

"The person in my vehicle floored in reverse, hitting my fence and went into the ditch," Whritenour said.

She says her SUV was left crashed in her front yard.

"It's scary. It's scary for sure, especially when you hear basically a gun fight in your front yard, and your children are sleeping. My children's bedroom is right here at the front window. So, they're sleeping in there. God forbid a bullet could've ricocheted, you don't know," Whritenour said.

The Leon County Sheriff's Office says there have been 13 car burglaries, one car theft and one attempted vehicle theft in the Killearn area in the last three months.

Whriternour and her husband say law enforcement should've notified the neighborhood of the recent burglaries.

"It's kind of shocking to know that it happened a couple of nights prior in the same neighborhood and that we didn't even know, being a block away," Whritenour's husband said.

Dave Teems, LCSO's spokesperson, says the department puts out warnings regularly on Facebook and through other means to alert community members to always lock their vehicle doors.

He says their posts do not specifically name Killearn Acres or Killearn Estates because there hasn't been an unordinary amount of car burglaries there than anywhere else.

"We see car burglaries everywhere in the county, northeast, southeast, northwest. A couple of weeks ago, we worked a few all the way out Highway 20, almost to the county line. We're telling the entire county because we're seeing it as a countywide issue," Deputy Teems said.

Whritenour is also concerned about the response time of deputies, saying she didn't see anyone on scene when dispatchers told her a deputy was there.

She says quite some time had gone by before a deputy made contact with her and her husband at home.

Deputy Teems says the responding deputy made it to Kingman Trail within the first five minutes of the original 911 call. He says the deputy didn't immediately approach the home because he was making sure the area was safe first. He says it is protocol to park at a distance and assess the situation since it was not an active threat going on at the moment.

Neighbors say they hope the suspects are caught soon. They say the incident is concerning and unnerving.

LCSO could not answer specific questions related to the suspects or any leads, saying it is an open investigation.

By: WCTV Eyewitness News
September 22, 2018

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- The Leon County Sheriff's Office is investigating a burglary and shooting that happened in the Killearn area early Saturday morning.

According to authorities, a homeowner on Iron Leige Trail heard a noise outside of his house and saw two people burglarizing his car. The homeowner said he went out to look around.

He says he saw the suspects on Kingman Trail.

The sheriff's office says the homeowner fired a shot into the air, and then saw a vehicle driving towards him. The homeowner told deputies he went back to his home, and someone fired shots at him.

The suspects reportedly left the area soon after.

No one was injured during the shooting.

Officials say if you have any information regarding the incident, call the Leon County Sheriff's Office at (850) 606-3300. LCSO is also reminding homeowners to always lock your car doors overnight and not leave anything valuable inside of them.

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