Exciting first day of school in Leon County

By: Lanetra Bennett
August 14, 2017

Courtesy: MGN Online

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- About 3,300 students headed to Leon County schools for the first day back Monday.

Many students say they're excited and nervous.

Same with the parents.

"A bit of nervousness in my stomach." Said, Vernon Green. His son started kindergarten. He said, "When he got up this morning, he was ready to go. He's been excited to go all summer long, knowing that he's going to school. He's a big boy."

Randy Underhill said, "It's been exciting. It's been a hustle and bustle. But, it's one of those experiences as a father that you just take with you. You're watching them go, you're watching them grow."

When asked why she likes school, third grader Jayda Riley said, "Because I get to leave my house."

Jayda Riley got to leave the house and ride the bus to school with Superintendent Rocky Hanna.

Hanna got up early and welcomed the bus drivers before their shifts. Then he hopped on bus 3117N and rode its route. He stopped at Rickards High School first, then made the rounds on the route.

"We're going to take care of the babies, I promise you. There's a bunch of good people here doing good things. They're in this profession because they love children." Hanna said.

Hanna's last bus stop was at Apalachee Elementary School... where he did the school's morning news alongside Lanetra Bennett. He then went to Oak Ridge Elementary, then Raa Middle school for lunch with students.

Ninth grader, Richard Jackson, may have the answer to beating first-day jitters. He said he's not nervous. "You should feel confident enough to just walk into school and be yourself."

Fourth grader, Isreal Uphill, said, "I feel excited and I feel like I'm going to come out to a great start and meet with my friends; get a good education and have a good time."

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