Life on 'The Wheel': Behind the scenes with Vanna White

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By: WCTV Eyewitness News
April 27, 2017

THE VILLAGES, Fla. (WCTV) -- For the past 34 years it's can't-miss TV. Every week night on WCTV, you can solve the puzzle with Pat Sajak and Vanna White.

Recently, Vanna was visiting Florida to promote a Wheel of Fortune game for the Florida Lottery. Our Abby Walton was there and talked with Vanna about life on “The Wheel”.

Did you know that right now, more than 120 million Americans have never known a world without Wheel of Fortune or Vanna White? She’s truly a part of pop culture. Whether she’s taking pictures, selfies or signing autographs for the young and the young at heart, fans love Vanna White and she loves them.

"I love our fans. We would not have been here for 34 years and continuing without them," White said.

From turning letters to a digital touch-screen, Vanna said over the years, the essence of the show never changes.

"The basis of the game has remained the same with just solving puzzles. People love solving puzzles,” White said.

They also enjoy seeing what gown Vanna is wearing.
"I have worn over 6,500 gowns, never the same one twice ever on the show,” White said.

While the shoes and jewelry are hers, she doesn’t get to keep the gowns. Instead, they go right back to the designer.

When it comes to a top question, most people ask Vanna how the show works.

"We tape on the average of 34 days a year. That's actually taping our show. We do six shows in one day so it makes for a long day," White said.

But for all those promos throughout the show, Pat and Vanna actually travel to those locations to shoot them.

With spending all that time together, Vanna said it's a good thing Pat is one of her best friends.

"He cracks me up and we have never had one argument in 34 years," White said.

And while Pat's known for spinning that iconic wheel, people know Vanna for her showcasing skills. In fact, if you ask someone to show you their best “Vanna,” they know what to do.

So we asked Vanna what it means to be “a verb”.

“I know I am. My daughter just cracks up because she's in college and they'll do that in her class. They don't know that her mother's Vanna White," White said.

While she's game show royalty to us, that's not how Vanna sees herself.

"Truthfully, I'm just a normal person from North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and I feel that way," White said.

Out in public, Vanna is recognized everywhere she goes. She said that’s just part of her job and it’s something she embraces.

While interviewing her, we got to see Vanna in action, signing hundreds of autographs! In fact, she told us, when she’s not on-camera during Wheel of Fortune tapings, she’s actually behind the puzzle board, signing autographs!

Flashing that mega-watt smile, it's no surprise why people love Vanna. Entering our homes every night, she's more than just a Hollywood celebrity. She truly feels like a member of the family.