Lions hoping to replicate 2018's beginning, end for full season

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By: Ryan Kelly | WCTV Eyewitness Sports
July 23, 2019

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- After a quick 2-0 start in 2018, the Leon Lions faltered, going on a seven-game losing streak until they won their final game of the season.

However, that victory over Mosley and a strong offseason have the Lions optimistic they can bound forward in year three of the Garrett Jahn Era.

"As far as our attendance, very few absences. There were probably 60 kids at workouts this summer which is the best I've done maybe ever," Jahn told the assembled crowd at Monday's 4QuartersOnline Media Day. "All that said, a great offseason and a lot of experience coming back."

Despite last season's blemishes, the Lions found a star in quarterback Paxton Tomaini, who seems poised to take yet another step forward in his senior season, all while taking the rest of the team with him.

"Having a returning starting quarterback that you believe in and they believe in what you're doing and they believe in leading the team
is a very refreshing feeling as a coach, because they're gonna buy into him a lot quicker than they'll buy into me," Jahn said.

"I'm a little more comfortable but I was comfortable last year," Tomainai said. "I love these guys and I hope they love me but I want to be their leader and I want to lead them out on the field."

It's been no secret that recent campaigns haven't been the kindest to big red, and while many can fall victim to shadows of the past, Jahn's squad seems determined to let it propel them into the future.

"It felt like we brought that excitement back," Tomainai continued. "Like I was talking about that Leon standard, there's so many people around this program that don't have a kid or a son or like don't have nobody in it that just loves the program and definitely we're looking to bring that back and give them excitement again and I felt like we did that this spring."

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