Local residents continue to buy up water in preps for Irma

Published: Sep. 5, 2017 at 7:03 PM EDT
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By: Lanetra Bennett I Eyewitness News

September 6, 2017

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- Managers at Costco in Tallahassee say they had two truck loads of bottled water first thing Wednesday morning. In less than an hour, the water was all gone.

A third truck unloaded around 10 a.m. But, it didn't last long either.

A long line just to get bottled water formed in the back of the store.

When the water ran out, Hua Alberson, a shopper, said, "No, I mean, I just hurried here to get some water. It's all gone."

Victoria Robbins said, "We ran into a guy over halfway across the store that said there was more water. We got over here and it was gone."

Barbara Bain said, "It's sad and anxious, because I need some water and there's none."

More than 100 people were lined up when the store opened Wednesday.

The limit on water was changed from five to three cases per customer.

Mahtab Vaghefi was hoping to get some. She said, "I have a baby. I couldn't find any water. It's dangerous. I went to Walmart. Nowhere have water. I hope I find something."

Paxton Fleming was disappointed he didn't get any water. But, he said, "I got Capri Suns. What else am I going to do? Cheerios and things like that, and cat food."

Macolister De Oliveira described the empty shelves. "It's kind of like a horror movie. Everything's gone. It's pretty far. I used to be scared of the water cases falling on me. I guess that's the bright side that I don't have to worry about. But, I hope everybody stays safe in the storm."

Many stores that are running out of water and other supplies are asking customers to just check back with them.

Costco will open at 9 Thursday morning. That's an hour earlier than usual. A sign was posted at the store entrance Wednesday afternoon that said there will be water there at 9 a.m.

By: Lanetra Bennett I Eyewitness News

September 5, 2017

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- There are plenty of empty shelves and spaces at local hardware and grocery stores.

People are rushing to grab all the necessities ahead of the possibility of Hurricane Irma heading our way.

Many stores have been out of generators and/or water since Monday.

"See, this is all we got." Said, Angie Christof, as she pointed at two shopping carts full of supplies.

She managed to get much more than many people can say. "We're just lucky we got it." Christof said.

Christof said, "We're just preparing because we have learned what happened in Texas. So, that's why we just go in. I didn't go to work."

Many shoppers at the Tallahassee Costco were greeted Tuesday by an employee standing at the front entrance saying, "We are all out of water."

Some shoppers turned around after hearing the announcement.

"Oh well, okay. This may be a wasted trip then." Said, William Boyles.

"I wasn't able to get water. I came too late. They opened at 10 and I got here at 11 and it was already no water." Said, Daniela Diaz, a shopper at Costco.

Luis Montes said, "I was lucky enough to come before opening. There was already a line all the way to the back. I was in the line. They opened the doors. Everyone as you could imagine, went straight for the water."

Tabitha Smiley just happened to show up for her normal weekly grocery shopping.

She said, "I got here and there were lines everywhere, lines for water. I was like, well, I'll jump on the bandwagon, too. So, we got prepared and we'll see what happens."

Beth Westfall said, "I have instant noodles. All you need is hot water. Some flashlights and candles, battery candles. Just in case. You need to prepare."

Lowe's and Costco say they aren't sure when more generators will come in.

Many local residents say they're preparing this time around because of lessons learned from Hurricane Hermine last year.