Locals offer advice for losing weight in the New Year

By: Noelani Mathews | WCTV Eyewitness News
January 1, 2018

VALDOSTA, Ga. (WCTV) -- The pull towards losing weight is even stronger this time of year. Just ask Ashley Harris, a personal trainer at the Ice House in Valdosta.

"They want to lose weight fast and look fabulous like some Instagram models," says Harris.

A promise made under false pretenses, many saying this year will be different.

"I see lots of people who will pay for gym memberships, pay for a personal trainer, and just not show up or use it," says Harris.

Harris says she's overcome her own battle with weight. She hopes to show others that they can also reach their goal and maintain it.

"My best advice to someone would be that you didn't put the weight on overnight, so it's not going to come off overnight," says Harris.

Exercise is only one part of a healthy lifestyle, a lesson Chatwic DuBoise teaches through his business, DuMealz.

"You have to think about your activity mixed in with your good nutrition," says DuBoise.

His healthy meals are already popular in South Georgia, but after the New Year, he says sales generally more than double.

"Get back to focusing on what's going to get you to reach that lifestyle point," says DuBoise.

DuBoise sharing the secrets to keeping on track, but also leaving people with this advice: "New Years resolutions are a great way to get started, but you can make a resolution any day during the year."

It's the annual lesson that you can't change your weight, until you change your lifestyle.

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