Longtime Tallahassee "Coach" is King of the Cut

By: Ben Kaplan | WCTV Eyewitness News
August 3, 2017

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- At 81 years young, the man everyone calls "Coach" perfected his winning formula long ago.

For over 50 years, Dick Heath has stood behind a chair, cutting people's hair.

"I've got quite a few people who I cut their hair when they were little kids and now they're daddies," Coach said. "Now, they're grandpas and it's getting to where some of them are getting to be great grandpas."

But it isn't just customers who love and admire Coach. His boss, Danny Carpenter, owner of the Little Red Barber Shop, does as well.

"Coach is the most gentle, loving, kind and caring individual I've ever known," said Carpenter. "He's just the coolest dude ever."

The resume of clients Coach has had over the years isn't just long, it also includes some high profile names. This Coach used to cut the hair of another; former Florida State head football coach Bobby Bowden.

"I'd go to his office and cut his hair and I'd eat a meal and then head back to work," Coach recalls.

But sometimes, he'd skip work and go to practice. After all, it is his love of football that helped him earn the nickname, "Coach."

The way he's worked with and mentored so many younger barbers has helped him keep it.

Cory Sevor, a co-worker of Coach, explained, "Coach will tell you all the time that cutting hair is about 50 percent cutting hair and about 50 percent cutting up with your customers and relating to them."

Although Coach only comes in three days a week, he has no plans of quitting.

"I enjoy what I'm doing and I enjoy cutting hair and talking about football and all that," he explained.

And as he keeps working, the customers keep coming back. For a clean cut and a good laugh from a legend who continues to deliver both. Even after six decades.

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