Love abounds in the Big Bend on Valentine's Day

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By: Katie Kaplan | WCTV Eyewitness News
February 15, 2019

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) – Valentine's Day is almost like the Super Bowl for florists, bakers and chocolate shops, and Tallahassee did not miss out on the rush. The city was busy for businesses and civilians alike.

People like Stephanie Cuello made plans for the night in advance. Cuello said she bought a special dress for a tour of the historic capitol with her boyfriend.

"They call it the sip and tour where you do wine and cheese and tour the museum," Cuello said.

Unfortunately for Cuello, her plans changed.

"My boyfriend was going to make dinner, but then his puppy got sick so that kind of derailed our plans," she said.

Despite the mishap, love was in the air as people bustled in and out of the local grocery store.

"This year my valentine is my son," said Megan Daniel. "I love it because I do think it's a day of love."

People prepared Thursday to celebrate those they cared about the most.

"I'm just going to surprise my friend with a little gift. I hope she likes it," said Dwight Williams. "It's always good to celebrate love."

In a year that spending for the holiday was expected to reach unprecedented levels, people were seen carrying chocolate, heart-shaped boxes, teddy bears and flowers.

"It was a bit of a madhouse, you could tell a lot of the tubs were picked clean," said Jeremy Kuder.

Some people opted for a night at home.

"I think sometimes it's commercialized a little bit," said Pat Cushing. "My wife and I went to dinner and now we're going home to build a fire in the fireplace."

No matter what the plans were, love prevailed all across the Big Bend.

"If that's the day you want to show a little extra love, that's great," said Cuello. "If you do it any other time of year, then that's great too."

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